Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thursday, so I forgot...

     I forgot the most important thing on my list yesterday.  Go get my blood work done for the specialist. &*^%$#  When I realized I had skipped this it was 6 in the evening and the lab was closed.  So I have to do this today.

     I have line men in at 10, so I can fix hazard suits. Then I double scheduled brides accidentally at 11:00.*&^%$  Many other appointments running back to back.  My tires are supposed to be mounted today, but I can send hubs to do that. 

     The wedding dress I was working on  was picked up but the other I did not finish basting until  11:00 this evening.  The bride had to have this dress and she is barely a size 3.  The dress is a 16 so I am taking out like 16 inches at the waist.  It is a complex alteration to say the least.  I had a high school girl and her friend in to pick up a dress.  They asked how I was going to fix that dress (the wedding dress with the pins in 4 inches at the sides)  I said I am not sure, but it has to be done.

     After dinner I went outside as it was not raining and the sun was trying to shine.  It was very muddy.  I was able to lay the brick for the new bed and lay down two more bags of mulch and plant my $1 bargain plants.  Hubs and I ran to Home Depot again about 8:30 after I had bathed and washed my hair.  I came in looking like a mud ball.  Now the guest bath is a muddy mess. *&^%$ Anyway I bought more mulch and 4 more bricks to finish up.  I was also looking for marked down plants but they had none so I will wait.

     It is going to be a killer day in the shop. I have no idea what to cook for dinner.  Chicken something I think?

Have a great and productive day!



  1. My meal plan this week has gone out the window b/c of last minute substitutions and the Daughter changing if she is eating here or not(she has Spring Fever + plus end of semester heebee-jeebees, and just wants to go out).
    I am just going with the flow and not stressing over it for a change. lolz

    1. I have spring fever also but I have no spring just rain, rain, go away

  2. My day was full of spills, accidents and whatnot as well! It must be in the moon and stars. Plus, our electricity went out, I got a case of the dizzies, hubs did not plug in my phone (our only lines of communication) and it rang, then died. Sigh. Top it all off, Aunt Flo decided to visit, so I am calling it a day at 10 am, today.

    1. Yeah I would be back in bed also with some chocolate a soda and a good book.