Monday, October 15, 2018

Monday, money saving Madness

     If you want to see money savings on our trip Sluggy posted them last week.  Here she is trying to milk a large cow to save money but I think she failed.  Too much fun we had, just too much.

     But alas I am home and must stop this vacation mode I have been on and get to work in my home and life.  But I don't want to, says  my inner brat.  But you have to, said by my sensible self. " Be gone", sensible self , I say, "Be gone".  What is that sticking to my shoe? Something from the kitchen floor.  Why am I not walking barefoot in the bedroom?  Oh, the hard crumbs left by the dog treats?  Maybe I should clean a little around here.  If there a pattern on those area rungs or is that dog hair?  What is that mountain in the corner of the shop?  Oh the ironing, drats!  Where is Sissie?

     Well my list from last week is mostly complete, with the frost from the weekend I can defiantly start pulling everything from the garden.  That might be something I try to fit into the schedule today.  Maybe an hour of garden work when it warms up.  But the majority of the day will be spent in the shop.  I will play my game of iron 5 pieces of clothing every time I get and item done in the shop and there is a lot to do there so progress will be made.  Did you hear that inner brat?  Progress will be made.  I have to talk to myself once in a while to get myself going.

Money saving madness October 8th-14th 2018

1. Used my ibbota app to get  $4.20 off our hotel stay in Philly
2.  Found .5 pennies between Mc'ds for breakfast and the airport
3. Ate apples and prepacked snacks instead of buying airport food.
4. cooked meals out of freezer and storage once we were home.
5. Had the neighbor fix my clothes line in exchange for sitting kids
6. Purchased almost free items with rite aid points to donate to food bank.
7. bulk cooked, meatballs and banana bread to freeze and use
8. renter left several bags of frozen foods which we are eating, used up a bag of veggies on Sunday.
9. did not go out to dinner with Lil sis and girlfriends Saturday night as I had already been out to lunch with them that day.
10. Used up old apples and celery in fridge after trip.
11. Fed all food scraps to chickens. I think they missed them while we were gone as they only got chicken food.
12. Used coupons and Ibotta to purchase material at Joanns
13. picked up free items at K-mart a bag of cheetos and a large bottle of Pepsi (I will give away)
14. my change saving pig received a large amount of change gathered on my trip.

     So there you have it.  I am onto a new week of money saving and paying off the house.  Speaking of the house, our last payment has not posted and it was made on the 11th. I have word into the bank about this. 

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. You had a lot of money saving successes this week. I think you and Sluggy need to plan a trip south. I can almost guarantee you a snow free winter trip, and though I know of no local large cows, one of my neighbors does have a zebra in her front yard. It is not oversized but it might be a decent photo op. (BTW, I love the zebra at Christmas wearing a jaunty Santa hat)

    1. I think we will someday. I have not been in the south much. I think it is beautiful there.

  2. I know of a big Steer you can stop and try and milk near me! you had a lot of good wins financially this past week. Yeah you.

  3. I love your list of savings. But the thing I am most impressed with is all that you have paid off! And look how that mortgage is going down. Congrats on all of it! You will be retired before you know it!