Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Tuesday,Days like this....

     Yesterday was just plain crazy and upside down.    I don't know what started it, but something was in the air, I tell you.  Our poor neighbor could not start the car and got here late with the kids.  That was fine and we had a rather peaceful morning.  I in fact actually left Hub's with the babies, (the younger one was sound asleep) to go and pick up a prescription. All was well when I returned.

     As I am downstairs all day and pup and I go on a walk about several times during the day.  When the babies are here he is basically backseat.  Well we did not pay attention and we was whining, I thought it was because we had locked him on the other side of the baby gate, but he really had to go so we had an accident.  Hub's discovered it and hollered, I said well clean it up.  He steps over the baby gate and at the last minute his foot catches and he face plants into the dog pee.  Of course I heard the whole this and came running to see if he was okay.  Then I laughed myself sick.  Hub's changed clothes and I cleaned up the mess.

     We took babies upstairs to feed them lunch and I was in the kitchen.  Hub's is supposed to be watching the kids when they are in the frontroom and I keep an eye out for them while they are in the kitchen.  The system works. Until Hubs gets a phone call and forgets his job.  I am hollering at him to pay attention and finally he cannot find the older one.  She has taken the can of bag balm out of the diaper bag and is hiding behind Hub's side of the bed in the master bedroom.  She has smeared the entire can all over the bed, the rug, herself, her hair, she even managed to get her brother.  Hubs is upset and he should be it was his watch.

     Now I have to strip down a kid, try to get the grease out of her hair, her clothes, the bedding, the rug.  It took over an hour to clean things up and the rug still isn't done.  As I did not have any baby shampoo, her hair was a little greasy.  I did manage to get it out of the sheets and her clothes.  Our grandson is arriving in less than two hours and I have the master bedroom torn up and neither of the littles down for a nap. Finally about 2:30 I was able to clean myself up and remake the bed.  Grandson shows up and we show him his room.  Puppy decides it is time to poop in the hall.  So this dog that has maybe one accident in 3 months has two in one day.

     By this time the baby was not going down for a nap as he was over tired.  I made Hubs take him and I took the older one and put her down.  I was exhausted, the house which was spotless on Sunday was a wreck.  The day could not be over soon enough.  I took a short nap, made grilled cheese for the grandson and then we went shopping in the evening.

     I was up at 10:00 last night hemming a bridesmaid dress.  But it was the first time I felt that things had calmed down enough to even think about the shop.

     Hub's took grandson up to tour the poop plant (sewer plant), then they will go fishing with D#3.  We are going to Effie burger tonight.

     I just might recover.



  1. Effie burger will do you in....lolz Have a 1/4 of a burger for me and find some change too!

    1. But it was so delicious. I have found no change this week. Have you cursed me?

    2. Well I haven't either so we are head to head on that score. lolz

  2. I hope this dark mojo has passed and today is much better. Just please, don't send it this way.

  3. When you said the hub's foot caught, I knew where it was going, and I was already laughing my head off. He should be thankful it was only pee!