Saturday, October 20, 2018

Saturday, My day

      Yippee!  A Saturday that is not already planned out to the minute.  I got to sleep as late as I wanted and then I was hit with reality.  Crap reality makes me mad.  Hub's needed help taking a load to the dump.  So we already did that.  We are also going to switch the freezers around today.

     Meaning: We go to Lil sis's and load mom's small freezer and my small apartment fridge.  We will borrow Lil sis's hand truck and bring them to our garage. We have to then remove the large side by side fridge out to the drive way and some how fit the two smaller pieces in. This will be interesting as Hub's does not like change and this will probably throw him for a complete loop.

     On top of this I have people coming for dinner tomorrow and I really need to clean the house.  Like as in vacuum and dust.  The dog also needs a bath. I need to go to the bank.  SO much for a day of doing what I want.

     I also completed another saving chart yesterday!  I am onto chart 19.  Every bit of this savings money goes right into debt payoff or current bills.   Right now as I have paid $1000.00 extra to the mortgage, I am saving to pay off what ever we charged to the CC's on our trip.  Next month our extra will go to Christmas or savings.

     I can't begin to tell you ow these charts have helped me keep track of my money.  Any extra that comes in from a grocery shop, or the gas budget goes right here.  Monies left at the end of the week from spending categories go into this chart.  For instance I have a $50.00 a week grocery budget if I spend $35.00 then I have $15.00 for the chart.  Since I have paid off so many smaller bills there is more money in the budget to add to these charts.  It is amazing what paying off debt can do for your life and  peace of mind.

 Well I need to go clean out a fridge and freezer so I had better get going.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.