Friday, June 14, 2024

Friday, Meat and Cheese and pie crust!

 This is the only reason my life works. I thought today or this weekend would be kind of easy and as usual it will not be.  Why would I think that? I mean really?  This is my life.

I did not get to all the sewing I wanted yesterday, and that was okay.  Just trying to take it a little easier with the vertigo.  I did get two more brides in, but both are easy alterations.

Sis and I need to run out and get things for my charcutier boards.  Kelsa is here and she will stay the night.  I forgot that this weekend was Father's Day and I have to make a pie for church, so must make pie crusts. Just add that to the list.

I have to serve at that wedding tomorrow and all though putting together the boards, sewing a few items, and watching a 3 year old, and making a pie seems pretty easy I am letting it morph into something larger in my mind. Do you ever do that?

So how to solve this?  Well make a list.

1. make a list of things to buy at stores

2. go to stores

3. hem wedding dress

4. do a lace up on a bridesmaid dress

5. do a lace up and hem a bridesmaid dress

6. alter a few things for my girl friend (very easy)

7. make 8 pie crusts as it is as easy to make 8 as it is to make one

All while you have a 3 year old in tow.

All while you have Sissie in tow.

Piece of cake, right?




  1. It takes me hours to hem, so no, the sewing part you do is not simple. It is HARD!!!! You have this tho…..You rock!!!!Cindy in the South

    1. Wel it is the 1000 hour thing, you do something enough and it becomes second nature.

  2. Sounds like you are doing too much with having the vertigo! You need to take it easy! Be careful.

  3. To be fair, that really does seem like a lot! (Hawaii Planner)