Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Tuesday, Not to worry

 This could be me, but I would mess around by reading a book, or contemplating my navel. 

Y'all need to quit worrying about the vertigo.  It has never been as bad as when it first hit. I am very aware of the signs and the symptoms.  A slight tip of the head and I woosh to another dimension.  I don't drive when it is bad. I am just careful.  It aggravates me as I am not a careful person.  I am a full speed ahead let's run over anyone in the way kind of person.

My grandkids are so funny, as I have set rules with the vertigo.  When grandma goes down, she is down.  In fact, the two little ones were playing with a doctor kit and pretending to be me. One was me with a headache and the other the attending physician.  So funny.  I overheard, "Grandma has to rest now, so you go watch a cartoon."  Yes, I use Netflix, to bribe my grandkids.

Poor Sissie, is getting frustrated in the shop as she is afraid and so careful with everything she does. Way too particular.  Something I can do in minutes takes her forever.  She needs to build up her confidence again.  She will improve her speed with practice. 

I have a wedding dress to finish and another to start.  Also, a couple of piles.  Need to get to work.  But really don't want to work. Story of my life. 

I might as well go brush my teeth and comb my hair and maybe make the bed and face the day.... What do you think?


Sissy here...Kim's vertigo is a little better, but she is her own worst enemy and I cannot fix this!  She would not listen in the womb so why would she listen now! NUFF said, or I can smother her with a pillow????  Thinking, thinking...

WE are slowly getting the house in order and by slowly, I mean it.  My Husband, (God Love Him) is a perfectionist and things take forever, but His work is top notch.  His bedroom is done, and I am hemming the drapes.  It is beautiful and everything we could hope for.  WE actually hate drapery, but it has so much light, and it gets so light here so early that he needed room darkening drapery.  It will work.  Now we just have to wait on the mattress and the rug and then get things out of storage.

One room at a time or we will be so overwhelmed. WE chose to get his bedroom done first as it needed the least amount of patching, in fact very little but our Office and my Bedroom needed a ton.  The patching is a work in process and very messy.  We are dealing with plaster and lath walls and thank goodness my Husband has spent the last 20 years of his career as a Custom painter in the some of the wealthiest Homes in the Nation and has learned His craft.  It is not the painting that takes time, it is the prep!  Prepping plaster is no joke!

I have now ordered all the rugs for the rooms except the Office where it will have to be a runner.

WE are finding little goofy things every day and we just laugh and say we will have to live with it.

We have two electrical sockets in the kitchen.  Now really who can live with that?  Just might have too as I am not ripping out the subway tile!  My Car will not fit in the garage? Hmmm? The toilet in the basement will have to be replaced and it is special order...yeah me!  This will be my bathroom and Sluggy will tell you I need my bathroom...waiting on the Plumber.

Gutters are being replaced. Electrician comes tomorrow for an estimate.  Carpet for my bedroom comes Thursday morning and furniture for family room, and all mattresses come Thursday afternoon.  Still have to find a Roofer for some goofy things. 

Just a lot of work but fun in a way... Now I must go and help Sissy, but She is staying caught up for the most part. Yesterday I made a career out of seven pair of shorts that still are not done as I am afraid of them, but they are ripped pinned and ready for Sissy so she can show me how to handle the side seam.  I am so afraid of ruining someone's clothes!  But I am learning as I can sew!

The Grands have been here for three days, and they are leaving tonight (yes! Thank You God, and I am not being sacrilegious) I need a break.  They are messy and noisy, and Dan and I are not used to it, but we love them all the same and they seem to love us.  Well, the truth be told they love Great Uncle Dan and me they look at sideways and approach with caution. However, they come with a crisis and know I will help and not admonish... so that is all I ask!

This is why my Nieces (the mothers of the Grands) call me the "House Nazi" (do not mean to offend with this title, I know very much about the Nazi's, and I come from a deep Jewish background) after all they gave me the name.




  1. Say what you want - we still will worry about you. Kiddos are funny. Sounds like they have grandma nailed!

  2. Bribery is okay. People worry about that with their kids. Think of it, people are bribed to work every day! I bribed my children.

  3. Kim, sorry but we will continue to worry. So is Sissy going to be helping you from now on in the shop?

    God bless.

    PS Bribery is definitely okay.

  4. Twins are hilarious…. I love y’all’s “twin” posts… lol. I have identical girl cousin twins and they are a hoot! Cindy in the South

  5. Yep, we will still worry about you like Cheryl said. :) Tee Hee

  6. Ok! This is fun! Both of you in one post! Love!

  7. Love the double posting, perspective from each of you. Kim, get some rest! (Hawaii Planner)