Monday, December 11, 2017

Monday, Money Saving Madness

Swedish treats
    I think I will survive this last batch of crud.  It was a virus then a bacterial infection and then another virus and who knows what is next?  The last several days have been rough and I only did what I had to do.  The problem is I had too much I had to do, but I did not stay and clean up after the show.  I did not put the flats away.  I left mom's open house at 4:30 and came home and slept until 10:30 last night.  I was up for a while and then back in bed.  I also slept for 2 hours between shows.  Like I said the minimum.

     I actually did cut back as I did not make Kringla or any rolls, but everything went well.  The show was well attended and I think the new owner is well on her way to being able to do this by herself.  I have one more show with her in the spring but I will be very much in the background.  She has fledged. I am so proud of her.

     Now I have to attack my dirty house, even Hub's is complaining and he rarely notices anything.  But I told him I was taking it slow.  My first priority is the shop.  I really have so much to do in there after about a two week lull. Plus I have many Christmas projects I need to get done.  I am not even dressed yet and I don't care.  I have had two customers here already, but my jammies are nice.

     I am so looking forward to going to my daughters for Christmas.  I think Hub's and I will take a quick trip up to Spokane this weekend to see other daughter and deliver Christmas to her.

Last Thursday I took mom in to get her hair permed and cut and on the way home we cashed in our Christmas bank.  It had $322.17 in it.  We just saved our change all year, which is a fun and easy way for extra Christmas cash.

 More on the treat table, I love to dip apricots and pretzels, they add a nice touch to the table.  You can buy a big bag of pretzels for about $3.00.  I purchased my melts when they were on a close out for .50 a bag and I bought candy canes at the dollar store.  So for under $6.00 you can make a huge batch of dipped pretzels with crushed candy cane.  A small bag will cost you more than 6.00 at Costco.  I made 5 times that much, and it is a great gift for friends and teachers.  But these are addicting so hide them from yourself.

Money saving madness:

1.  All Joanns things with really good coupons
2.  No grocery shopping at all this week
3.  No meals out even fought with hubs on this
4. Wal marts fabric debt can beat Joanns with out coupons they just have less, but always check there first.
5  Went to a thrift store and picked up many embroidery supplies for pennies on the dollar.
6. Used my indoor clothes line and it worked really well!
7.  Had a wonderful open house with almost all treats from scratch.
8.  Made mom pay for her share of the festivities (This is and will be a toughy)
9. I will have to do only a little more baking to complete Christmas trays as enough left over from mom's shin dig to do everything else.  Hooray!  That is a load off.

     I plan to spend the next five days, cleaning, sleeping, sewing, sleeping, working on projects, sleeping, laundry, sleeping, gift wrapping, sleeping, enjoying my self, sleeping How about you?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. You get more done when you are sick than I do when well!

  2. I wondered if you were in bed too sick to type or working your fingers to the bone. I would work so ill, and sometimes i would just not be able to move and lay in bed too ill to live. Only when I could not move did I get relief and meds.

    Candy canes are dirt cheap after Christmas. I just stuck them in a canning jar and put lid on tight. They did not get sticky after a whole year. I stuck them in crook up and some crook down. A jar of candy canes does not take up much room.

    Where was open house. Mom's open house? I thought it was a little shindig at your house for her friend's or something.

    I certainly hope your mother will not try to bake!

    1. Mom has been at sis's since last Thursday when she got in a huge fight with me over my drug addict brother calling for money. It is so peacful here but I know it will not last.

  3. Your goodies look wonderful.
    I hope you have some down time to fully recoup from the flaming hot crud.
    Enjoy the rest of your holidays as best you can.
    BTW...housework is an equal opportunity endeavor. The broom and mop have no clue what gender is using them. Just sayin'!

    1. I so agree with Anne about housework. Anyone who notices something need doing, needs to do it before complaining.

    2. Well Hub's did clean the kitchen which means the dishes were done but nothing is put away. He did mop the floor. He also cooked his own dinner.

    3. Kim,
      I am so glad to hear he did stuff around the house.

    4. When TheHub "helps" here it is always either cleaning the basement or his office, neither of which guests ever see since they are both below.

    5. I know Hubs is proud that he made the bed (like a 3 yer old did it) and that is cleaning. No cleaning is scrubbing the shower.

  4. Yep - housework always takes a backseat if I'm busy with projects! I'll relax soon... soon...

  5. The cookies look mahvelous and nobody can tell you did less.
    No meals out here last week except for some burgers at Burger King. Hubs and I fought over who should pay for them out of their WAM. lolz

    1. I love it! Hub's wants a pizza but guess who has to pay? I always have to pay so he got pancakes, slightly burned (on purpose)