Thursday, December 14, 2017

Thursday, Look at them numbers!

Wish I could sit on money like this.

  Well I am so happy as I am below the $8000.00 mark on the house loan. (okay by .98 but below)  The studio bill is down another $500.00 dollars,and the house is down another $1,100.00.  I am making progress!

     Yesterday was a bust and I have to really sew today.  So frustrating when mom takes up my whole day.  Ugh! I also have to go out and pay the rest of the monthly bills I have all the checks written out.

Now I need to get to my sewing machine.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Under $56K total debts......look at you GO!!!

    I've always had the fantasy of taking $1 bills out of the bank, spreading them on my bed and rolling around in it. lolz

  2. I once paid all or most of my bills in person, too. But, some of those bills are gone. For all but one, I pay by phone, and two are automatically taken out. Finally, the last one can be paid differently.

    The last one to go was paid with check and in person. Then, it took the business over three weeks to deposit the check. That annoyed me, so I paid it in cash. Now, I can either give them a check or pay over the phone. Since this is a business I want to keep a personal relationship with, I may just carry the check by as usual.

    All that to ask if you can pay any of these by phone or automated payment? That would free up a bit of your life.

    It sounds like you feel better. Good.

  3. Snoopy dance! You'll have this debt paid off in no time!

    1. I just want to get to the point that I am able to concentrate on the house payment. I am getting there this next year will see a big difference.

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