Sunday, December 31, 2017

Sunday, End of the year thoughts....

    I cannot believe it is the end of the year already.  It went so fast at times.  It went so slow at times. Hub's and I are both home from church with the crud.  He was diagnosed strep I was just diagnosed ME! The doctor would not let me come in as too many sick here.  The antibiotic I was put on was out at all pharmacies here.  We managed to scramble 5 pills with three trips to different pharmacies.  More will be delivered on Tuesday. So back on the antibiotics yesterday and we cancelled our New Years plans. We will reschedule and keep our goodies in the freezer until we are better. Blah!

    Happy things in 2017
  • Made many new blogging friends
  • had wonderful times with family and grandsons
  • Met up with Sluggy for a vacation so fun
  • Toured Vicksburg and parts of the South
  • watched a solar eclipse a life time event
  • Finally organized the pantry so it is more user friendly (only took 5 years)
  • Took off the 10 lbs I gained with steroids 4 years ago.
  • Made significant progress on our debt
  • learned more ways to spend less

     Sad things in 2017
  • Lost a beloved Uncle
  • put our sweet dog to sleep
  • Mom's mind slowly going and her temperament is almost always bad 
  • gained back the 10lbs I lost :)  can anyone say bakery treat?
  • Did not get to spend any significant time with my twin sister.
  • Spent more money than I should have many, many times....
  • my health continues to haunt me.   

     I am looking forward to the New Year and I have great plans (in my head) for goals I want to accomplish.  I have financial goals, health goals, spiritual goals,  and happiness goals.

     I have learned so much this year.  I am so grateful for that.  I have gotten great advice from my dear twin.  I hate it that she is mostly always right.  She told me to get $3000.00 in a savings account before Christmas.  I thought she was nuts as I wanted to pay off debt.  But she was right if I would not have tried to do this, I would be deeper in debt right now.  I sailed through Christmas, and I still have about $2000.00 in this account.

     I replaced my sewing machine, $507.00, fixed the garage door opener,finally $113.00, Hub's and I finally updated our cell phones, which were not keeping a charge and had several boo boos.  We went up 3 generations, that is how long it has been since we upgraded.  (I don't believe in upgrading a phone that works).  Now these things would have been done but not with cash.  So nice.

Paid off $34,372.10 in debt $12,000.00 coming from sale of studio
Paid cash for $3716.00 worth of Murphy expenses or break downs and maintenance that would have been put on a charge card.

2018 bring it on baby.

Now I call that progress!

Have a great New Years Day!



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  2. Not putting emrgency/Murphy on a c/c is great! You deserve a Diet Coke and a bun but not until you are well. I'll give you both on our next vacation. Happy New Year Kim! 8-)))

    1. Hoping to come to Kay's n February, I hope the weather is good enough that we can see you. Happy New Year, mom just fell this afternoon so I am on concussion watch. Fun times....

    2. Feb. tends to be the worse month for weather here but hey!, maybe we'll luck out. Concussion Watch is NOT fun times......

  3. Great job on having the cash when you needed it! Sadly, I can't say the same. I'll blog about finances/goals/and how stupid I was for not planning on Tuesday.

    I hope you feel better soon!

    1. Well I am much older than you and old age and treachery always out rank beauty and youth. Happy New year.

  4. WOW, I call that progress too! We are never too old to change our ways...not that I mean you're old or anything (like I am!) I see a huge difference in how you handle money now from when you first started this blog. Live and learn! Well done! Hope you feel better soon! I gained and lost the same 10 pounds last year several times! I really struggle with that one.

    1. Yes my pounds like me they lurk at all times to see when they can jump back on. I am old just ask my lungs.

  5. Have a great 2018 Kim, or at least, a year with more joy than sadness. We can't help life intervening, but keeping open to the joyful moments hopefully make the challenges more bearable.

  6. Hi Kim and I am sorry that you and your hubby are both not doing well health wise right now. Is the shortage of medication due to it being made in Puerto Rico? Asking because there is a shortage of my thyroid meds that are made there and the cost has more than tripled for it since they had to seek out a new company to get it from and the demand is high. Praying for you, your hubby and your mom too!

    1. No it is because. There is a run on anti antibiotics, so many people are sick in town. Happy New Year, we are going to get together this year.

  7. Happy New Year! I hope you and your hubby get back to feeling better soon!

    1. He is doing much better I am on the mend. Mom fell last night and she is moving very slow. I just shake my head, how long can this last?

  8. Amazing progress on the debt! Well done. Happy New Year!