Monday, February 12, 2018

Monday, Great news and Monday Saving Madness

     I could not wait to write this post and I thought of starting last night and then mom fell again.  It was not a bad fall, but it did make her sick and she ate no dinner.  So I spent the night with her to calm her down and of course do bathroom watch.  She has kept me on a dead run all day and here it is 2:30 and I have done nothing but mom and errands.  The shop has also been crazy busy, with phone calls and customers so I am so happy to have a lot to do.  Mom is at book club and I should be getting a call any time soon to go get her. However, Lil sis is back in town and I can call her to go get mom and I can get to work.  I am so happy that I cooked a large pan of turkey enchiladas and a big pot of Spanish rice last night .  I can mash an avocado and have that with chips for a nice dinner.  Then I can sew into the evening.  Hub's has to work at the high school for a few hours this evening.

  Drum Roll please!  We did not owe anything on our taxes!   In fact we are getting back just enough to pay the accountant fee of $335.00.  Worth every penny I tell you.  I also had mom's and B's taxes done.  So I had to pick those up this morning, run around and get every ones signature and then  return them to the accountant.  I was so excited when I found out as I expected to owe at least $2000.00.  This is why I don't do my own taxes as I don't know enough.  So all that worrying and
stewing last week was for naught.  Well not really as it spurred me to find anyway I could to see some kind of progress and you will see that in my Monday saving Madness list.

     The weekend was full of mom and her entertainment, but I did get a nice 5 mile walk in on Saturday.  It was cold and windy on the levy but the sun was shining and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

Now onto Monday's Money saving Madness February 4-11th 2018

1. Fed all food scraps to chickens
2. Chickens are laying and we are getting 3-4 eggs a day.
3. Ate all meals at home except one
4. Cooked double three nights so we could enjoy leftovers and free up time and money
5.  Made Valentine treats with what I had in the pantry, no cost and avoided waste!
6.  Found a whole ham at the butcher block marked down from $47.15 to $12.00  It is in the freezer.
7. Finished my denim car quilt top made from denim leg scraps saved from shop and flannel remnants. Nice gift for son-in-law
8.Hemmed the sleeves and bottom of a dress I bought last year on a closeout.  It is nice to find new in your own closet!
9.Used the last of a toothpaste tube and a bottle of expensive face lotion, by cutting open the bottle.
10. Used coupons in the very little shopping I did.
11.Called B and insisted she obtain new insurance, then lowered our car insurance by 1/2 so under $100.00 a month.
12. Called the yellow pages add manager to make sure the dance studio was off my account, lowering that bill by 1/2.
13. Called an old credit card and turned points into a $100.00 gift card.
14. Albertsons has started the Monopoly game again and I won free keurig coffee cups.  I don't drink coffee but these will make a nice gifty.
15.Picked up a package of mens socks marked down to $1.50 for 5 pair, also gloves that have a removable finger covers for .50 a pair. Great stocking stuffers.
16. continued to use my reusable food covers and wax wraps, and plastic containers, glass jars.  Not only does this save money it saves time.
17.Used stocked up food from pantry and freezer for all meals cooked at home.  This is saving me so much on the food budget. 
18.  Always use clothe napkins, and wiped up with sponge and rags. Save on paper use.
19. Pulled bags, ribbons, doilies, out of crafts drawer.  Everything in there purchased 75-90% off.  Contains, napkins, paper plates, gift bags and decorations for making homemade goodies look festive.  Looks like I spent a lot of money and I didn't.
20.  Starting to get mom to pay a little bit more of her share on a few things.

So I call that a productive week and I am really stoked about it.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I must say that things are going exceptionally well for you. It's about time! You had a great many wins and not one loss, it appears.

    1. Well I have had several losses this month so I am fighting back.


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  2. That's great that you are getting a refund!

    1. I know, and just enough to cover the accountant bill, what a blessing.

  3. Yay for not owing the gubermint $!!!
    Now you can come see me with all that cash you aren't paying out. lolz

    1. Yeah a good visit with you would really put me in my happy place.

  4. I am so happy that you do not owe any taxes. I know that has been a huge source of worry for you. :) Yay on getting more work too. God is good!

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  6. Our taxes were a wash, too. I was thrilled! So happy for you!

    1. Isn't it great when that happens? So happy for you.

  7. Great news indeed! We also send ours to a CPA. I have almost everything ready to send. My printer went on the fritz so I'll need to first replace that in order to print some business info I need to send. Ugh. Always something. At least the leg work for the most part is done.

    1. I dreaded tax season with the studio, but this year they were done in about 3 hours. It was the stress of thinking of the large tax bill that really bugged me.

  8. Woo hoo! Sounds like a great week! This year is the first time we have filed without my income (I've not worked in two years). We were so excited that we are finally getting a REFUND!!! We usually had to pay and it was so refreshing to find out that we have money coming TO us this year!

    1. We have always had to live so tight, that retirement with hub's is is a party. I would hate to think of retirement as years of skimping and saving.