Monday, February 5, 2018

Monday, Stop dwelling and Money saving madness!

  It is so easy for me to worry and dwell on things that I do not have any control over.  I have always been a worrier.  So I really have to work on telling myself not to dwell.  Just work hard, stay busy and trust in My Heavenly Father.  I have a roof over my head, food to eat and clothes to wear.  I am trying to reach my goals, and I am so much better off than I was in the past.  I can do this and I will make it.  If I don't, I still have all the things mentioned above.

     It is so easy to dwell on the negative, the fear, the wants, the needs, the problems of the world and of life.  These feelings can consume you.  At least they can consume me. So how am I going to conquer these feelings?

     First, I am going to:

  1. count my blessings
  2. look at what I have accomplished this month
  3. take the new challenges that have cropped up and figure a way to deal with them, in a positive way.
  4. get to work, the shop is a mess, the laundry is behind, clean and straighten the bedrooms and mom's room, fix dinner, vacuum and clean the family room. You have plenty of work to keep you busy today.
  5.  When you have taken care of the above, you have several creative outlets that you can spend your time on instead of chewing on your face.( my kids term for me dwelling)
  6. Serve someone, your mom, your husband, your neighbor.
  7.  return and report
     In trying to take my own advice, you will notice that I have paid several of the big list of extras this month.  I have taken the taxes in to the accountant, so that burden is lifted.  My son-in-law was here this weekend and hung the new mirror for me.

I can still polish that silver, Yippee! My favorite task. My daughter crawled under the piano to hang my new picture.  My cute little grandson was here this weekend.  Sorry no pics.
This is one of those new monkey hooks.  Rhonda  or Debbie I can't remember said that her son who is a handy man uses these all the time.  So we tried them.  Lovely new product let me tell you.  Another blessing you can learn so much from blog friends.

I had a nice quiet weekend as mom was at Lil sis's as I had to get the taxes in.  What a blessing.  See I don't need to dwell on new bills cropping up and the fact that we will owe taxes this year, that I might not get my goals achieved when I want then achieved, because positive things are happening all the time and I can make positive things happen.

 On to Monday's money saving madness:Jan29-Feb 4th 2018

1. Took a good load of clothing items to good will, to de clutter more of my closet
2. only bought a fruits and veggies and dairy at store for the week.
3. Ate great meals out of the freezer and pantry all week
4. did not eat any meals out but cooked at home
5. Gave Valentine gifts to the girls this weekend as they were home so I don't have to mail
6. Made cookies with mom for her pleasure and to take to two different churches
Full cookie jar
7. Did not go to Joanns all week!
8. Refused to have company for Superbowl, it costs money and I have to do all the work, plus taxes needed done.  Savings!
9. Used my new bowl covers and wax wraps almost exclusively and I love them.
10. Reused many cottage cheese containers for leftovers, no plastic that breaks and you lose the lids.
11.  Chickens are starting to lay again so almost a dozen eggs.
12. continued to work on projects to keep me busy and out of the bars ( oops I meant stores)
13.Stood up to mom on her taxes and had them done at the same time as mine to eliminate her wasting my time.
14. went through all of the socks and donated a big bag, then found way more in one of mom's drawers.  Ugh!
15.Had a friend come over and fix a plumbing issue that could have cost us.

So it was a good week and I really feel that all these little things do add to the bottom line.

What did you do this week to stay frugal and help your bottom line?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Seriously Kim, you need to stay out of those Diet Coke bars.......


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  2. Once again I am impressed with all you do.

  3. I am a worrier, too. And, I make no apologies for worrying! Good for you in standing up to your mother to save time and money. And, yes, your time is money. I wish I had chickens that were laying!

    1. Yes, but my worrying can be crippling,I have a hard time getting anything done.

  4. You did a great job saving money last week! I tend to worry and dwell on things too. I think it help makes me more prepared for things. (However sometimes the anxiety is paralyzing).

    1. I know and I really dislike it as it keeps me from doing things I really need to do.

  5. Kim, so glad the gorilla hooks worked for your mirror!
    I think you are amazing

    1. They are amazing and my son in law was also amazed. I even bought an extra set, so I have some for the next project.

  6. I feel your pain about the worrying...which then turns into stress eating for me! LOL I absolutely LOVE your list of things to do to ward off the worry cycle and stay productive! I think I'm going to need to borrow some of them.
    And great Money Saving Madness list too - what a wonderful way to start a Monday! =)