Monday, February 19, 2018

Monday, late post, money saving madness

    The roads were terrible coming home from Spokane.  It snowed  so much when we were there and was very, very cold.  We came home to 27 degrees here, which is almost unheard of this late in February.  We have no snow but it is so cold for us this time of year. There is at least 8 inches of snow at daughter's house and the walks and roads are solid ice.  I had to be very careful at her place not to fall and get hurt.

     Our daughter was doing much better when I left.  She was on an anti viral for over 48 hours and that seemed to help.  We had a great time with out sweet little grandson.  I did some cooking and left her with some things to eat this week.  They are still working on a leak repair in their basement , so everything is really torn up.  We could not due much to help them with this until the work is finished.  But just having mom time helped both of us.  We got out twice by ourselves and it was so nice.

     Because we left earlier than we thought we would due to the roads, I left almost every room 1/2 done.  I have clothes to put away in the master bedroom, the spare room did not get made up.  Moms room still had the sheets off the beds.  So I came home to a mess.  So far I have only made up mom's bed.  After this blog I will get all the other things done so the house in cleaned up. At least every room was started, so it shouldn't take too long. Then I need to take stock of the week ahead.  I wish there was more work in the shop, but I know it is coming.

     Monday, money saving madness Feb.11-18th 2018

1. Used my clothes line to dry heavy flannel shirts and bedding
2. Ate out of pantry for all meals
3. Made homemade shortbread for Valentines day
4. Cooked a nice steak dinner for hub's with everything on hand.
5. Garnered a few freebies at Albertsons monopoly game. Not nearly as good as last year, but free is free. A donut for mom, free gravy mix, free coffee cups (gave to sister) since I am not buying things I don't need I did not get any new coupons, so this year is kind of a bust.
6. Reused plastic containers, jars and wax wraps.
7. Spent noting at Joann's!!!!!!!!
8. Made a huge pot of spaghetti sauce, gave away two large jars and froze two large portions.
9. Was able to put my denim scrap quilt together, now I have to tie it.
10. Continued to work on embroider projects. 
11. went to Wal greens with daughter and found green olives for .18 a jar, also gravy mix for .4, Marsala mix for .54.  I bought everything they had and it cost $6.42.  I normally am not a mix girl but for that price, I can doctor it up with fresh ingredients.

It was not a huge money saving week, but I am not really shopping just conserving and it is really starting to help the bottom line.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. If you are not shopping much, you are saving money. I barely bought anything last week, so no savings on anything. except not much spent. I am glad your daughter is better. I think I will see what kind of savings are at my Walgreens, both of them.

    1. I am saving money, but my change pig bank is starving:)


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  2. Hope your daughter is much better now. You were a sweetheart to run up to play nurse for her benefit.
    Things will get done when they get done. I have an event (Had no idea it was coming until I was asked what I planned for the party. Huh, what party?) so the house is in shambles but by crackie there will be a party. Which overnight grew from 19 to over 50. How did that happen?

    1. You had better get busy girl. Sounds like one of our parties, when hub's is down checking to see if the the house trusses can hold the weight of the guests.

  3. So glad everyone is feeling better! Isn't it amazing how taking a day or two away from the house, makes everything crazy when you get back? Hubs was off yesterday and I didn't have my normal day at home. I enjoyed my day with him, but last night, my house looked a mess. That's ok though, I'll knock it out today.

    1. Yes men do have a way of adding to your destruction , or mess, or...

  4. Very productive week. As far as I'm concerned, even a little bit of saving is always good. Glad daughter is feeling better.

    1. Funny, because I did not feel productive at all... it is because I am impatient.