Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Tuesday, This is one day at a time....

       You all know how it is when you have this plan in your head and it seems to be a great plan.  You have researched thought it out and then something comes along and throws a wrench in it. I get so disillusioned when that happens.  I just try so hard and I can only do so much.  You can only save so much money not using paper towels.  I know the little bits do add up, but I need the add up right now!

     Hub's wrote a $100 check for a yearly contribution for Scouting that I did not know about.  We always contribute but I would have put the check off until next month. Then hub's insurance premium did not come out of our checking as our credit union combined with another and they stopped pulling premiums in December.  I did not catch it so I had to write a check to the insurance company for $394.00. 

Remember this from Monopoly?
      When I took the taxes in yesterday, the accountant told me we would owe a considerable amount this year.  Last year I still had the studio for 1/2 a year on my books.  Also it was the first year of Hub's retirement and that first year is always a crap shoot.  But this is our crap shoot year.  After this
year we will know how much to have the IRS take out of his retirement.  Should we pay quarterlies, or should we have a % deducted monthly?  Great!  Now my plans for (world domination) oops! I mean trying to pay off the sewer/house loan by June are in serious jeopardy. Plus my monthly goals are really up in the air.  The emergency fund is lower than I like.  I am trying hard not to go into panic mode.  This is so stupid as I am just fine, really I am.  I just am having a hard time convincing myself I can weather this.

     Also yesterday I received not one phone call or one customer for the shop and I have so little work left and people are not picking up the work I have done.  I am chewing my knuckles to the bone.

     I did all the laundry yesterday. I really deep cleaned the shop. I helped mom clean up her room and get a package ready to mail.  I cooked a nice roast chicken dinner with mashed potatoes,corn and gravy. I completed all the blocks for my son-in-laws quilt top.  I tried to stay busy, but I am a mess today. 

     Sooooooo.......... What can I do to make myself feel better?

Eat way too much chocolate? 
Go shopping with money I don't have?
Go pay 2 bills that I do have the money for and at least feel like I am on the right track?
Take mom out to mail her package and get a diet coke at McDonalds?
Cry and bite my nails down to the quick?  ( oops already did this one)
Clean and change the sheets in the spare room?
Do the ironing?
Go buy cat food as we are out?
Take a long walk?
Sew the few things that are left in the shop?
Sew the quilt top together?

     This is a one day at a time thing, every day it is a new dilemma and every day it is work to overcome the new dilemma.  Every da&* day.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Well aren't we Mary Sunshine today, hmmm? 8-P
    Go get your Diet Coke fix, mail that package and sew what's left in the shop.
    Everything will be ok.....eventually.
    *Cue Sluggy sings "Tomorrow"*

    I CAN"T WAIT to see how screwed we are with taxes for 2017! hahahaha
    Don't you just love that first year in retirement sh%$?!?!


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  2. Do you promise? I know the first year is always a mess.

  3. All I can picture is you with your face in a bag of chocolate while Sluggy sings "Tomorrow"...

    1. I think we could be a U tube sensation. How is your baby? Out of the hospital yet?

    2. Yes, he's home. Still recovering but it's a lot easier being out of that germ-infested place!

  4. I hope you got a diet coke! I use to have a diet coke addiction and I know it makes everything better. :) I'm right there with you. You know my no spend February? Well, it got shot to sh*t! The hubs truck is in the shop getting the transmission repaired. A call came to today saying that a brake line blew as they were pulling it into the garage. Not a huge surprise as the other brake line blew out not long ago. Just not a good time for it to happen. Sigh. Now I'll go eat some chocolate because I really *need* to add a few more pounds. Hang in there. It always works out... right?

    1. I am so sorry. My eldest daughter always blames everything on February. It is not a good month for her. Even though she was born on the 13th and had her first son on the 15th we have had way too many tragedy's in February.

  5. Chocolate and Diet Coke sound like a good way to start. Just don't spend money you don't have. Can Sluggy really sing well enough you will be cheered?

  6. I've learned Tuesday's are not the day to determine quality of life. I hope you got your diet coke and focused on at least a task- pay bills, move on.