Monday, July 23, 2018

Monday, Money saving madness

     It was a lovely weekend although I probably worked too hard.  Can you believe that?  With the last 4 weekends spent in the car traveling to and from funerals it was nice to just be.  Saturday I de cluttered at least car full of things from the house to good will.  My eventual goal is to open cupboards and find them bare. (like this will ever happen)  But little by little I am getting rid of things that I don't love or need.

     I took hub's out to purchase a couple more short sleeve outdoor shirts.  But he had to get rid of 4 older shirts.  That was the bargain.  He is loath to get rid of anything.

     I have still not packed up the Christmas china to take up to D#2, but I will do that this week as we will be driving up there this weekend.

     In trying to keep with my goal of cleaning out the freezers and pantry I had two families with similar age children over for dinner Sunday after church.  I was able to use up several frozen meats that needed to be eaten.  We have enough left over for at least the next two nights.  Yeah!

     I spent about 6 hours weeding in the back yard.  I swear another truck load and I just hit the garden and living areas.  This yard is just too big.  The front needs love so  bad right now.  I am very sore from Saturday.

Money saving madness,  July15-22 2018

1.  Ate all meals at home with no eating out.
2. Cooked up green beans, squash, from garden
3. Made several salads from garden, lettuce, tomatoes, lots of cucumbers, and onions.
4. Got rid of several laundry baskets full of clutter from around the house, freeing up mind and space.
5. Husband gave away all old laying hens and put 6 new babies into the coop. They are laying pullet eggs so cute.
6. Husband saved all the chicken coop cleanings and placed in garden as compost. Smells.
7. Picked up several plant for pennies on the dollar to add to garden
8. Did not buy anything on Amazon prime day Score!
9. Went to several second hand stores and Ross and TJ Maxx came home with nothing.  Didn't need anything.  How boring am I?
10. skipped the nail salon for one more week but can't for too much longer.
11. found .11 to put in pig bank
12. had an old debt paid of $178.00 that I did not expect.

So how was your thrifty week?

     The shop will be busy today and I have bridesmaid and wedding dresses to do so no complaints in that department.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. See, you did great on money saving!

  2. How did you get dh to part with stuff? Mine won't part with ANYTHING....I swear he still has t-shirts (well, I guess they USED to be t-shirts) from high school and he is 65....sigh.....

    1. Well I told him he would have to in order to go buy more shirts and then he read the blog and now he won't so I am in the same boat. Don't wrry I will sneak some out when he isn't looking.

  3. I'm just as bad as your dh about parting with stuff in my closet. I'm getting better though! lol

    1. Okay I want 5 things thrown away today, then you need to report to my office....

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