Saturday, July 14, 2018

Saturday, What havoc can I create today?

     I swear I worked in the shop all day yesterday and it was so busy.  One of the brides picked up and the other is coming today at noon.  Her plane lands around that time anyway.  I just had clients all day long and I really need to get into the shop and get it somewhat organized as things are all over.

     I also did not get any house work done and I am going to do that today if it kills me.  It probably will.  Just say goodby now my friends, it has been nice knowing you.

      Every where I look in this house there is a mess, oh and hub's and I will have to go and buy a new vacuum  today as the old one is eating belts up, dang.  Well at least that is an excuse not to vacuum, right?  I will use that excuse thank you very much.

     So here is my list as I think a list may motivate me.  It also might scare me.

1. Start laundry
2. clean cat box
3. clean laundry room
4. sweep entry and hall
5. Organize shop
6. steam mop, hall, laundry,entry, and shop
7. straighten family room
8. Clean myself up  (HA!)
9. Straighten bedroom, put things away
10. Deep clean kitchen (stove area is a site)
11. wipe down and straighten back porch.
12. Water, flowers, back and front
13. go get a vacuum
14. vacuum, family room and rugs upstairs.
15. replace all dead flowers in vases
     There I think I may be able to do a few of these things.  Maybe......

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Replies
    1. Hey look, look I have done something already, Debbie look

  2. You've done a lot already. Permission granted to rest a while!

    1. So eating bakery treats and potato chips while napping through net flix counts, right?

  3. You've gotten a lot done already! Send some of that energy my way.... Lol

  4. I would say you got a fair amount achieved today. You have Sunday to do the rest!!

    1. I wish we are off to drive 5 hours to attend a funeral after church. Blah! But I will sleep in the car.

  5. You got a lot checked off your list today! I and my youngest daughter, on the other hand, went to visit my friend from Eritrea, Africa, so got no cleaning done today, at all. (No worries, there will be a long list done Monday, I hope, and it was so worth it!)

    My sister was there, too, as she is the one who introduced us originally. I had a wonderful time visiting with them both, and playing with my friend's 4 year old daughter. I had gone over there pretty agitated, thinking of all the things I had to do today, that I was not doing. As usual, as soon as I settled down a bit in her house, I was immediately calmed by her demeanor, actions, etc. It happens every time. She is very calming. In her 2-bedroom apartment, with no air conditioning in the 90+ degree weather, surrounded by furniture that has seen better days, she brings hospitality to a whole new level. She had cooked wonderful food for us, and kept pressing glasses of water upon us, urging us to "drink, drink". She made coffee for us, first roasting the beans and then grinding them and brewing the coffee in her little special pot.

    After we visited a bit, she turned her television to U-Tube and excitedly showed us news footage (in the Tangrinia language--spelling likely uncorrect) of the new peace that is emerging between Ethiopia and Eritrea. (She told us what each video was about). She is so excited about the newly opened borders, open phone lines between the countries, and most of all, no fighting and no war between them. She simply glowed with hope to think that it was likely going to be so much better for so many that she loves.

    I drove home, uplifted by the visit, as always. How blessed I feel to have a friend like her.

    1. It gives you a whole new perspective on your own life doesn't it? Thanks for sharing.

  6. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither does a house have to be tackled.

  7. The housework will wait.... trust me, I know!

    1. You mean those little pixies I have been waiting for are not going to arrive......another dream shattered.

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