Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday, Money saving madness early and a new goal?

     Since we are leaving again for Missoula right after church to attend a funeral tomorrow, I thought I would do my Monday money saving madness early as not to miss it.  Things have been so turned around lately.

     Also I have reached both of my goals this month and it is only the 15th so I felt I needed to come up with another goal. I have two more debts that are larger than I would like to kick to the curb before I can just start concentrating on the house.  So I have set another goal of trying to get another $1000.00 toward the first of the two debts.  If I work hard I should be able to knock these out before Christmas, which was my goal all along, but being able to start now is an added bonus.  GO me!

    I will talk more about these and my future money strategy next month.  Things are just too up in the air right now and future plans are a little too scary for me.  I am just doing what I had planned to do before mom passed and if things change they change.  Buying the car was a change and I am alright living with that right now.  Adding anything else just seems too....

Monday's money saving madness July 8th-15th 2018

1. Cut all makeup remover wipes in 1/2 in my new pack. (I only need 1/2 to remove eye makeup)
2. concentrated on only doing 2 loads of laundry one dark and one light (haven't been able to pull this off for a while)
3.Cooked all meals from scratch and ate leftovers even though I really did not want to cook at all.
4.  Ate lettuce, squash, green beans, onions, out of garden.
5.  Used up several packages of frozen chicken saved from food brought over by neighbors.  Still plenty more to go.
6. Decluttered and donated many, many items to Goodwill to free up space and my mind
7. Purchased really expensive dog food at 50% off.
8. Purchased new plants for garden on closeout to replace ones that are spent.
9. Bought nothing this week unless it was needed.
10. fed food scraps to chickens
11. Did all of my usual money saving things, reused jars, and wax wraps.
12.  Ate all dinner leftovers for lunch the next day so no food waste.
13.  Asked for a bereavement rate at hotel and dropped cost from $99.00 plus tax to $79.00 plus tax.

     During the long drive to Missoula and back I am going to try and come up with a food plan to use up our freezer and food storage back log.  I am not much for menu plans as I have a hard time sticking to them, but I can at least come up with dishes that will use up much of what we have that will need to be used in the next few months.

Well I am off to take my puppy to Lil sis's and to attend church.

Have a restful and peaceful Sabbath.



  1. Have a safe trip -- good plan for making up a menu while you are traveling. I usually use that time to cross stitch or knit - Christmas comes VERY quickly!!!!!

    Can't wait to hear about your new money strategy!!!!

  2. I so need to make a menu plan using things I have. I intended to do it last week, and the week flew by so quickly.....Of course, we ate plenty anyway, but I love targeting foods that need to be used, or have been there for a while.

    Have a lovely drive.

    1. That is exactly what I will do target foods that need to be used and there is a lot!

  3. Hope you have a decent trip in spite of the circumstances. I like to plan while traveling, but TheHub likes to talk, so I usually oblige.
    You have made great financial strides in the midst of chaos. I am truly impressed with all you have managed to do.

    1. Thank you the finances are the easiest part of my life right now!

  4. I'm sorry that you are having to deal with yet another loss my friend. It sounds like despite everything going on, you are still doing really well on your savings and goals. Much love to you!

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