Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday, I love me a Friday!

     I am up early today, don't know why, but I used to get up at this time and then this summer when I was so sick I started sleeping later.  So I hope this sticks.  I actually put on regular clothes today and not teaching clothes.  I still need to run into the studio to do payroll.  I also need to do some major sewing and I do believe there is one more load of fruit to dry and I can put the dryer away for the season. 

     Hope to work in the yard tomorrow for at least a couple hours.  We need to start to put the garden away and there is still so much weeding to do.  But I love working in the dirt, I just wish there was not so much of it.   I remember wanting a large house with a big yard and now I wish I had a small yard.  Be careful what you wish for is a true statement.

     I love all the blog posts about Judy. Thank you all for helping my friend. 

    Saga cont:

     By the time I reached college age, things were at the worst at home.  We had a terrible house fire that took out the second two stories of the house.  You could walk up the winding stairs out into the sky.  My bedroom suffered the worst damage.  The fire burned so hot air pockets actually exploded.  When the fire was finally put out and fire men were upstairs in our room they were shocked by the devastation.  What they really did not know is that the explosion had not caused the mess, that is just what the room looked like.  I remember my Mom acting shocked with the fire Chief.  She was a great actress:)

     We (my twin and I) lived at home our freshman year.  We were rarely home, working full time and going to college.  I think I was working 3 jobs at the time.  I also quit cleaning.  Mom and Dad had split up and then had gotten back together.  Things had not changed and the house became a legendary mess.  Our mother really wanted my sister and I to move into our own place.  She wanted the boys to have their own rooms.  Although we helped out financially I think it was just time.  But we took our mess with us.

     We had a darling apartment 2 blocks from campus in the attic of an older Victorian home. I loved the apartment and it was constantly trashed.  Now we or I would go on cleaning binges and then it would be right back to the way it was before.  We just never put anything away.  Why?  I still do not understand it.  I was away from the constant screaming, I obviously knew how to clean but I just could not get myself  to develop any regular habits.  

     My Junior year I married my husband.  One of his worries was my lack of housekeeping skills.  I did not know this at the time.  My apartment was a mess and he would come over and do dishes for hours.  Why wash a dish when you still had dishes in the cupboard?  He had also seen my parents house.  What he especially remembers is the yard.  Some how I have blocked out the yard of my parents house?

     Now Hubby grew up in a home with a full time stay at home mom, who followed the dad around and picked up after him.  I mean my father-in-law would throw his dirty clothes in front of the hamper and mom-in-law would bend over and put them in the hamper.  So hubby grew up in a sterile, neat, ugly, tasteless house with a mother that lived to serve her husband.  This was the way it was supposed to be.  Boy what a joke.  We were really meant for each other right?    I with no desire to be neat, and him with the desire but just the mindset that I would do all the work.  He to this day cannot flush a toilet or shut a cupboard door.

     One thing about getting married is that you start a home with very little stuff.  I took my clothes and our wedding gifts, but we were poor and had second hand attic furniture and what little we had accrued from our Wedding.  I never hung up my clothes, and I never made the bed, but the apartments stayed livable. We also moved a lot.  I mean 11 times in the first 9 years we were married.  We also lived in the smallest cheapest places I could find.  Mostly converted garages.  When you live in one room you are forced to make choices and down size. Every time we moved I would throw away at least a huge dumpster of things.  It was amazing how much stuff we or I could accumulate.  Things we did not need or use.  This might have been the key to the problem but I did not get it at the time.

     We only had the one little girl and she was born with a neat gene.  She always liked things just so and with only one it was easy to take care of her.  We lost two other girls during the first ten years of our marriage and when we finally had our second daughter we moved to where we lived now.  I will never forget our apartment.  It was so beautiful.  We had a washer and dryer room!  We had two bathrooms!  We had a dishwasher!  I had brown carpet! (not orange or avocado green)  Our master bedroom was large with two closets.  Oh my I was in heaven and I decorated the that little apartment and was so happy.  I even kept it clean.  I was so proud, but alas Hubby lost his job after 3 months.  (Hubby lost many, many jobs)  We could not pay the rent and were facing eviction.

     Well I need to run through the house and get into the shop.  Garbage cans are full around here and the sheets need to be changed on the bed. ( see I eventualluy learn)

Have a great and productive day.


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