Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday,my toungue is bleeding....

     I have a great deal of sewing to do today.   Not being able to sew on Friday has put me a little behind.  Mom and I made 5 apple pies yesterday and dried 10 trays of apples.  She came with 2 boxes of apples.  So I wanted to get them out of the kitchen before the fruit flies discovered them.  She seems to have calmed down.  I just want her to get to a place where she is not crying all the time and she can make logical decisions.  My brother is a terrible bully, and he keeps her so keyed up (on purpose) to control her.  She is such a mess.  I just never thought I would see my Mother like this.  She was always so strong and tough with me.  What happened?  I am trying to be very careful with what I say about my brother, as she has been lectured so much by everyone on what she needs to do.  But boy is it hard to bite my tongue.

     We are going to freeze at least three of the pies for her church bazaar.  She also wants to make several Swedish almond cakes and rosettes.  So I will be helping her cook while she is here.  She brought some projects with her.  Just want her to be happy and calm while she is here.  I want her to see that living with me or in Lewiston is a better place for her than where she is now.

     Right now I have a load of her laundry I just put in the drier.  She only has one pair of jeans as she has lost so mush weight.  I need to take her out and get her a couple more pair.  I told her this was how I was going to control her.  I would take her clothes and not let her get dressed.  She is in her nightgown right now eating breakfast, that my daughter cooked for her.

     One of the woman's presidency from our church came into the chapel yesterday while I was putting things away from a practice.  She had a huge pile of pans, bowls, dishes from meals that had been brought in for people and then brought back to the church.  As she staggered up the aisle I went to help her.  Well all the the items were mine except for one.  No wonder I can't find anything.  I am still missing at least 6 pie pans.
I went home with a pile of dishes.  Hubby was laughing at me.

Saga cont:

      Some where in this mess called life Sissie and I after trying and some what succeeding in getting our (my) house in order, decided to get our financial lives in order.  We came up with a plan to be out of debt except for our homes by the age 50!  I am now 55 so you can see how well that worked.  But life is a process.I know we both learned a lot and we did make huge progress.  It just takes so much longer than one thinks it is going to, get out of debt.  Changing old habits is hard.  Like alcoholics we had relapses, we justified our spending.  Mine was my kids, hers was .... well I don't know what hers was?  Maybe me?  I love you sissie!

      The fall that our oldest got engaged and I was deep into CATS! I was somewhat able to ignore the drama at the University.  I did my work at the studio, and tried to hold things together.  Because our director was such a ditz several of the professional teachers that were coming down to teach were very irresponsible.  Parents were steaming.  I was trying to cover their classes.  It just became obviuos that things were going to get very dicey.  I did not trust the new director, she was all about profit and I can understand that but I was not going to give my time away for free.  I was not going put up with teachers that did not show up.  This was the studio I had worked hard to preserve and I had 85 students that needed stability.  The work ethic of the other teachers affected me and my reputation.  Either she had to get the act together or I was going to leave.  I wanted to take over the studio down here and buy it from the University.  It was too hard for them to run it.  So this director in her sly way of avoiding me asked me to write up a business proposal she could take to the board to see if I could take over.

     This was all a lie on her part, she had no intention of having me take over.  I was her money bag.  I did not really know this as I was always told how broke they were.  I had really thought about leaving mostly because I just could not stand her.  But what about my students?  We had several very harsh phone conversations where I straight out called her a liar.  I don't know why she did not fire me.  I just remember so clearly calling my sissie so upset.  She told me she would help me write up a business proposal.  It was a Saturday morning.  I had been told about a promising studio space in an Historic building in downtown Lewiston.  I really did not want my own studio, I was scared, but I told sissie that I would call her back in about an hour.  I went upstairs and asked hubby if he would go with me to look at this building.  We hopped in the car and went down.  As I climbed the stairs into the 3rd floor I felt peaceful. Wide dark wood staircases,burgundy carpets, like an old bank.  When the land lord met us and let us into the studio space, I looked out the 10 high old fashioned windows that overlooked the confluence of the Snake and the Clearwater Rivers.  I felt so at peace, a warm feeling that this was where I was to be, things were going to be all right.  I went home and called my sissie.  I told her not to bother with the proposal, I was leaving and I had found a space.

saga cont:

     The phone is ringing off the hook and I need to get into the shop.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Hi Kim! One of these days I am going back to the beginning of your saga as I missed out on the first ones. Your saga has inspired me to do something similar with my daughter in mind. I would like to write my own saga for her so she'll know what makes her momma tick! Keep it going - I really really enjoy really really getting to know YOU!