Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday, yard work!

     I had to go to the doctor yesterday afternoon.  My eyes were so inflamed and hurt so bad.  They had been bothering me since last week.  I have conjunctivitis, due to something I am allergic to, I thought about a new makeup I bought last Saturday, so that was a waste of money.  Eyes are much better this morning.

     I am all ready to work in my yard today.  It really frosted last night and I am not so sure how much of the garden we will keep.  The chicken coop needs to be cleaned I think I will let hubby do that job. I am such a good wife.

     We are going to that new movie tonight with Sandra Bullock called Gravity.  Hubby also has a Wedding this afternoon with his quartet.


            I was so depressed 25 years ago when I realized I was in another small town with an unemployed husband again, again, again.  I decided to take the baby (who was 5 months old) for a walk in her stroller.  It was a warm spring morning.  I was mulling over yet another eviction notice that I knew was coming.  Now I could get a job, but I just had this baby and I was nursing and I was paranoid about leaving her.  I had a good part time teaching position lined up at the local High School in the fall but now we faced three months with no income.  As I was walking I saw and older woman struggling to pull a heavy garbage can to the curb.  I pulled the stroller into her drive and proceeded to help her.  She let me know that she had several more large containers in the house.  I helped her pull all to the curb and found out that this was her parents house, she had inherited it and sold it as is to a young couple.  They in turn sold it to someone else while not really owning it.  So the house was literally trashed by the last owner (or would be owner).  Most of the windows were broken.  Paint had been thrown on the walls and spilled all over the house.  Dog and cat feces and urine were every where.  Garbage, garbage and motor cycles had been restored in the front room.

     I felt so sorry for her.  Here was her inheritance gone and she was alone to clean this up.  As I toured the house with her I held my baby close and thought about my problems and they just did not seem that bad.   I went home feeling a little better and then I thought about our eviction, where would we go?  It dawned on me that we could live in that house.  We still had 3 weeks left on our present rent.  Could I get that house livable for a crawling baby in three weeks?  Would the elderly lady let us live there?  Could we work out some kind of plan?

     The next day babe and I went for our walk and sure enough the woman was there working.  I told her about our situation and that I already had a job with the school district.  Could we live here rent free until September?  I would agree to pay her $125.00 a month until the house sold.  My husband and I would bring the house up to selling condition and she would pay for all the supplies. She said yes!  It is in this next three weeks that I became that fireball I am today.  I was driven, it is like something snapped in my brain, I had three weeks to get old linoleum off the floors of 4 rooms on the main floor.  The under hardwood floors had to be sanded down to fresh wood and sealed. But first we had to paint every ceiling and every wall.

     I called my sister in-law to come help.  She brought her 5 children over now we had 7 kids to help.  Yeah like that was happening.  But her oldest daughter watched the three youngest.  We each had a nursing baby.  She had two older boys 14 and 12 and they were a God send.  They could haul garbage and they could paint.  It was great that we were going to redo the floor and we did not have to be careful.  Windows were also being replaced so we had good fresh air to work in, but what a mess. This was a 125 year old three story house on a rock foundation.  It had three bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, two sets of stairs, huge farm kitchen, parlor, dining room.  I learned to clean from top to bottom and I learned to work harder than I had ever worked before.


     Out My Window: Sunny cool, can't wait to get out to the yard.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I'm loving reading you background story.

  2. I love the background story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its been in the 80's here I wish it would cool off