Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunday, Day of rest needed!

Hubs asked me to take a picture of him in his Apron he won at the church chili feed. Funny story.  Last year he worked so hard to win.  We woman are not allowed to help this is a man thing and Hub's worked so hard, it was really quite ridiculous. He was upset that he did not win.  Isn't that just like a man?  Like who cares?  So this year he said he was going to go to the store and buy two large cans of cheap chili and a couple of cans of chili beans and mix it all together.  When he was making his mess in the kitchen,(as only a man can, after all he had to open 4 cans which means  every pot was used and there was chili every where), I came upstairs and said why don't you brown some ground beef and add a chopped up onion. I had just picked all the produce out of the garden so I told him to dice up several chilies and peppers and tomatoes and also fry those up with the ground beef and add all to the canned stuff.  Well he Won!  Can you believe that.  The turkey.  The man who won the corn bread contest whispered to me that he had just gone to the store for a jiffy corn bread mix and it cost him .50.  See ladies why do we slave?  These men can win with a mix and a few canned goods.

After his picture was taken Hub's started to clean up his mess from the night before.  I found 1/2 gallon of milk that had gone bad when we were on our trip.  When I measured it out it was 6 cups.  So I didn't want to waste it and I made up two different kinds of muffins and a batch of popovers.  Both use up eggs and milk.

Popovers are so easy and so yummy reheated.

 I wrapped each of the oatmeal/raisin and put them in a large bag in the freezer.  These are great for a snack or to heat up for breakfast.

These are the larger pecan and apple made with a few mealy apples I found in the crisper. I also made up a batch of apple salad with wilted apples and celery.  I was doing this while Hub's was trying to clean the kitchen and he was very frustrated with me sneaking dishes into his water.

    Mom and I made a round of the second hand stores for large baskets and found nary a one.  When did baskets go out of style?  I was forced to pickup all the squash and wipe them down and put them in a large plastic weeding basket for now. 

     I did not get to pick up the potatoes as it started to pour rain and it would not quit.  So no bags of garden trash were pulled.  Dang!  Was so looking forward to bagging garden trash.

I pulled everything out of my closet in the master bedroom and also the two drawers I use.
 See the mess.  Many of my sweaters are large and are from Sweden or Norway they are years old and I wear them as coats here.  I was able to get rid of 3 pairs of pants a couple of shirts and a couple of sweaters.

My winter wardrobe coming out of the small hall closet mostly suits for church and dresses.

            My shoe mess and I did get rid of two more pairs of shoes.  I also found a shoe hanger to put all my summer sandals in that can go in the hall closet that way maybe I can keep them neater.  Yeah maybe?

Striving to see just what I have and wear.  If it is not worn in the season out it goes.  When is enough, enough?  Keeping my clothes for years and buying pretty basic classic styles does not lead to a trendy  wardrobe.  But classics rarely go out of style.
I was able to get all the clothes switched but not the shoes, still have ironing up the wazoo and will probably do that tonight. This will be a busy week, actually the next two weeks will be crazy busy, so if this is to be done it needs to be done now.

Hub's went with me to the grocery store late last night and I was very tired, but slept poorly.  So now  off for a nap!

Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.



  1. Tell Joel congrats and we expect his world class chili when we visit again!

  2. Your husband looks so proud of his apron.
    I think those men are on to something. I do cook a lot from scratch but I’m not too proud to use helpers. At a recent cookout, I took a platter that was nothing but 4 kinds of store pickles and another platter with cheese cubes and Aldi crackers. People loved it! I was sure glad I didn’t spend hours making potatoe salad and coke slaw.

  3. Congratulations to him! So, you can instruct him and he wins? But, you cannot cook it or help him? Amazing. You can cook from afar. He looks proud of that apron. I don't blame him. That's funny that he was upset at your sneaking items into his water. Nothing I have goes out of style. Well, I did buy a sweater that might go out of style, but I only paid $2 for it.

    Baskets are a hot item at second-hand stores around here.

  4. Wait! He won a cornbread cooking contest with a Jiffy Mix? That stuff is sweet and nasty! Tell him to decant jam into a canning jar, seal it, and enter it in the fair. Just don't forget to get out all the air bubbles.

  5. Cornbread made with Jiffy mix would get you laughed out of AL. Cornbread here isn't even yellow. I used to buy a Betty Crocker mix up north in a pouch. It was my favorite cornbread. Suddenly it disappeared off the store shelves and I've never seen it since.

    1. I hate jiffy mix, too sweet, but you know America's addiction to sugar...

  6. Congratulations to both of you on the win!!!!
    You helped, right????!!
    And my kids love the Jiffy Raspberry Muffins! : )
    Have a cozy week. : )

    1. Thanks, it will be a very busy one I am afraid.

  7. Congrats to your hubby on winning the chili cookoff! :) Oh I so love the sweaters from Sweden and Norway. I have found a few in thrift stores over the years and I treasure them!

  8. Suddenly it disappeared off the store shelves and I've never seen it since.