Monday, May 14, 2018

Monday, Oh my! and Monday money saving

Hi my name is Rosco/Ringo I will not hold still.
     Well it was a long and busy time at in-laws and I am happy to be home.  We had a lovely time and worked very hard.  Hub's and I and my sister and Hub's baby sister and her husband, shopped and made 7 different dishes.  There were at least 150 people at the party and it was beautiful.  Mom and dad looked great,  Dad is failing but I just kept telling him he only had to make it until Saturday about 9 p.m.  We ate, we shared stories, we ate, we danced, we ate.......  You get the drift.  All of us were exhausted after the party.  Then we had cleanup, the church had to be spotless for the next day.

     We made:

Beach bread trays, Carpese' 4 trays
double batch of Frog eye salad
double batch of shrimp salad
200 dipped strawberries
2 packages of dipped pretzel rods
double batch of tabbouleh salad
double batch of spinach salad
    Each of these salads could feed a good crowd and we just had a small amount of a few salads left.  So we gauged the foods right on the money. My brother in law had purchased a small amount of a shrimp salad from a deli for us to eat while we were cooking.  It was $12.96 for the 4 of us.  We made all these salads for around $100.00.  We were able to take back chocolate.  I cannot imagine what it would have cost to buy all this premade.  Another brother in law cooked brisket.  We had hot dogs for the kids.  Hub's pulled 150 potatoes out of a cellar and scrubbed them and wrapped them.  We only had 3 potatoes left. So we were all pleased with the food outcome.  All of hub's 5 brothers and sisters were there.  Mom and dad have 25 grandchildren and 72 greats with more on the way.  Many friends who were still alive came from the small town of Wieser Id. to celebrate with them.  It was beautiful

     I had ladies from my church come in and watch mom for three days at Lil sis's place and she really enjoyed this, so it looks like the transition into having someone come in and care for her on a regular basis will be easier.  She love the company.

     I was able to see all of my daughters and my grandsons.  The girls and Hub's bought me a very wonderful Mother's Day gift. A new puppy! It is a pure bred Welsh Corgi.  Hub's niece breeds them. I was so surprised.

Sleeping after tearing out my rug project.

See my short stumpy legs, I am not so sure about those stairs
     Lil sis loves him and he has charmed mom already so Hub's and I are on dog watch and started training immediately on getting him home.  He had a bath as he was kind of barn yard smelling.  Well he did come from a ranch. We are working on coming to his name which he has down pretty good, sit, down, and potty outside. So far no accidents, but it has been less than 24 hours.
     I thought the girls were crazy.  I am so busy and I have mom and Hub's and now a puppy, but I think with Hub's help and mom's joy it will be fine.

Monday money saving madness, May 6th-13th 2018

1. We traveled to Nampa in our car instead of the truck as originally planned saving about $60.00 on gas.
2. We did not have any expensive restaurant meals out the whole time we were gone.  We chose to get fast food, or split a sandwich at the store both there and back.
3. We had breakfast at hotel on Mother's day paid for.
4. We ate breakfast at Hub's mom for three days and then ate dinner there at night.
5. We made tons of food for party to save money on costs
6. I brought back a huge bag of rhubarb to process and freeze.
7. I altered a skirt and a dress for myself that were already in my closet never worn.
8. I bought my first item of clothing for the year.  A navy blue short sweater to wear over my sleeveless dress.  It was 30% off at Talbots plus I had a $25.00 coupon.  So sweater was under $25.00.
9. Trans planted many seedlings in garden that came up from last year.
10. Came home to a beautiful flower arrangement from the neighbors for mothers day.

     I have already had a bride in today and I need to go to Joanns, for material for the recital this weekend.  Mom also need s some things.  I plan on working in the yard after I get back until dark.  That garden is going to get planted if it kills me.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Rosco/Ringo is adorable! Glad everything worked out for the party!

  2. Wow!!! What great deals on the salad. Curious about beach bread trays?

    1. Caprese' is thinly sliced baguette, with fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. This is sold on the beaches of Spain. My daughter made it when she came home. It is a family favorite. There it is called beach bread.

  3. (In my baby talk voice) Oh! Isn't him adowable? YES, HIM IS PWECIOUS! Cute puppy, glad you're okay.

  4. How could you EVER get mad at that little face????

    1. Well give me a few weeks until the newness wears off.

  5. I was feeling the same way about my garden, and I suspect we were doing the same thing tonight--working in the garden. I did stay out there until it was almost dark. My husband got the sprinklers out and hooked up, I finished planting, and everything is watered in. Whew. I'm tired of using a watering can, which is what we've been doing so the new starts wouldn't die and so seeds would come up. I have been planting little by little for the past couple of weeks. I do a lot of succession planting, so will continue planting all summer, but the bulk of the crops are planted now. Whew again:)

  6. Glad the trip and party turned out well.
    You just had to go copy me and get a puppy, didn't you? Your doggie is almost as cute as mine....note, I said almost. lolz
    You just need to bet a girl Corgi now and go into the dog breeding business. Is that a good idea or what!hehehe

    1. You are so right. I have been telling Hub's that YOU got a puppy.
      Mine is a wee bit cuter. Speaking of wee.....

  7. Mom, babies, puppies... lol. You are a glutton for punishment. Just kidding... I love puppies and have three! Your new baby will bring lots of of joy to you all!

  8. Sounds like a really nice time. Glad everyone got to visit,.
    Oh my goodness -what an absolute sweety!!!! I love puppies, but sure couldn't handle all that energy.

  9. Replies
    1. He is something else. Try planting a garden with his help.