Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Tuesday, Just get through the week

     The spring dance recital is this Saturday.  I have my last rehearsal tonight, and then tech on Thursday, dress on Friday and two shows on Saturday.  I only have two nightshirts to make and a coat to doll up for Capt Hook.  I am so grateful I don't have the whole thing on my shoulders and wonder now how I ever did all that.

     I have a specialists appointment for my arthritis today.  I have been having some real joint flairs.  My left elbow and shoulder and my right hip have been really bothering me.  Also I have been having really stiff fingers in the morning.  These are not good signs.  I am anxious to see what my SED rates are.

     I had a few glorious hours in the yard yesterday.  I swear the whole garden was covered with weeds.  Very small weeds but weeds all the same.  I planted and transplanted and I still have several hours of weeding and clean up.  I have not planted the potatoes or the onions.  I am hoping Hub's will do this.  I also had way too much help from the puppy, who wanted to dig up everything I planted.  He seems to have learned the word no already, now if I could just train my husband.

     When I go to the doctor today, I am going to stop over at two nursery's right by the doctors office.  I need cucumbers as my seeds did not sprout, I also have a few holes in my boxes and beds to fill.

     I do not like to always think of the future, as I think it shortens the joy of now, but I am really looking forward to this week just getting over.  I want to concentrate on Mom.  I am going to take her in and see if we qualify for hospice and if not make arrangements for hired help.  By the end of May I want action taken.  I am tired and I can not do this all myself.  Lil sis is a big help but she also works 50 hours a week and needs time.  Sis can't come again until August.

     Well I need to go find something of dinner and get myself cleaned up, maybe straighten the puppy mess and then do laundry, which is backed up again.  I just don't use my time very efficiently and it frustrates me.

     Why is my house dirty? Why do I not have a menu plan? Why is there so much laundry?  Why am I such a slob? (as in I am terrible about picking up after myself)  Why can't I play all day?  Why can't I eat anything I want?  (like six donuts)  Who is going to do the ironing? (remember Sis is not back until August, I will be naked by then)  I really have to sew to get people to give me money?  Really?

     This is what time off does to me.......

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Do what earns money, is needed for health (yours or Mom's), or fills an obligation then let the rest slide. Time is an evil beast that beats all of us to a pulp at some time or another.
    I am glad you are getting some help taking care of your mother's needs. It is overwhelming sometimes (ok all the time) both physically, emotionally and mentally

    1. She was so good all weekend. Happy, getting around okay in her wheel chair. Today it was vomiting, whining, no ability to help herself, accusatory.

  2. Remember this when you take on any obligation with the studio! Actually, remember how taxing all this is and don't take on one more minute with the studio! Can you or your husband go through the house with a laundry basket and pick up what is out of place? Use your obligation to your mother as an excuse! Hire someone to iron.

  3. ((((((HUGS)))))) and lots of prayers for you and for your mom. Please take care of yourself and don't take on any extra obligations for awhile. You have way too much on your plate as it is.

  4. I know it is hard to do everything but make sure you do work in your garden - if I read you right, like me, that is your relaxation and fun!!! We decided to just go with plants this year instead of seeds and we already have tomatoes, a ton of chili peppers, & herbs...good thing I just got a dehydrator with some Amazon points I had!! I can't WAIT for the green beans....Do you can anything?

    1. Yes, I can tomatoes, and peaches, I also make all my own jam.

  5. I tend to run on all cylinders like you do, until I get burned out, like you are. It all sounds so fun, and do-able, until crunch time, then I'm always wondering what I was thinking.... But, it is also rewarding, stimulating, fulfilling, and so forth, so I go back for more another time.

    The housework will still be there when you get more time;(. Unfortunately. The laundry can be picked out of the baskets scattered all over the living room (ask me how I know).

    I would not advise, however, neglecting to comb your hair after showering while you get lost in blog land. It then dries sticking up all over. Pretty scary and hard to get to lay down. Ask me how I know that one, too!

    I'm glad you are going to get some help with your mother. People who have not taken care of anyone with neurological issues just don't realize how taxing that is--to always be on guard, to have to do so much for them, and so on. It's hard to put your mind to necessary tasks when there is that little nagging worry in the background of your mind all the time.

    So hang in there. It sounds to me like you are doing great through it all, and this big project will be over this weekend and you can sit back (ha!) and look at the pictures and review the memories while you clean your house like a maniac:)