Monday, May 28, 2018

Monday,Money saving madness

     I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day, as we stop and remember all those who have given the ultimate sacrifice and those loved ones who have passed on.  It is more than a three day weekend at this house as we reflect on what our freedom means.  We are grateful for life and liberty.
     We have a cemetery right near our house and I love to see the flags that are put out this time of year.  It makes me proud to live in a country that has made so many sacrifices for others not on our own soil.


     I completed another savings chart #7 and I am on to #8.  It has actually been a slow month around here.  Not that I did not have the work, but that the work is not getting done.  So I have to really get my but in gear after this weekend.

     Trying to get this mom situation worked out is hard. It takes time and effort plus listening to mom whine and complain is soul sapping.  I need a thicker skin I guess.

     Hub's is playing another 3 week run for a musical so he is busy practicing and going to rehearsals.  The part time job he has at the schools is also taking him a few days a week.

     We are having people over for dinner this evening so I need to really clean house in the next few hours and then Lil sis and I are going to play.

    Money saving Madness May 20th-27th 2018

1. Cooked and ate all meals at home from pantry
2. Replenished pantry staples that were loss leaders in paper,  Mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, pork n beans, chili cans. (Hubs likes to have these in storage for nights I don't cook and for emergency meals).
3. Picked up several bargain meats with 50% off stickers.  Mostly beef steaks and bites, roasts.  Bacon thick sliced for $2.00 a pound.
4.Made two more sets of pillow cases and added lace that I had recycled, to put in the gift drawer.
5.  Added $2.00 worth of lace bought with a 50% off coupon to a dress that I thought was a bit too short.
6.  Found a really cute dress made of tencel denim at Wal-Mart for a dollar.  Also added lace to the bottom.  I love dresses in the summer much cooler.
7.Mended several items found while cleaning the shop.  Replaced a zipper in Hubby's pants, fixed a sweater, took in a sweater and and dress that were just getting too big. Altered a couple of items for mom as she continues to lose weight.
8.Had a 60% savings at the grocery store during my weekly shop, just buying loss leaders and marked down meat.  I swear that store must hate me.
9.Was gifted some samples of puppy chow, puppy loved it.
10.Picked lettuce from the garden for sandwiches.
11. fed food scrapes to the chickens
12. Went with hub's to look cars and trucks, did not buy anything.
13.ordered two pairs of Dansko sandals from posh Mark , they have not arrived but I will let you know.  They looked brand new and were less that 1/2 the price of new.  Will report back.

     Well I am off to clean the house and have some fun.  We walked the bridges yesterday and we all got a little sunburned.  After 5 miles we were done.

Have a a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Great job on getting those saving charts completed!! You will have #8 done in no time.

  2. Sounds like quite a good and saving week. Good work.
    Hang in there with Mom - she's the only one you get!
    Have a nice evening

    1. I am trying so hard right now to just try and understand that the woman I am taking care of is not my mother.

    2. That is a sad reality to have to accept. I never find meat for 50% off. I must be doing something wrong!

  3. Lot's of wins there. I love your trick of adding lace to an existing dress to either add length or change the look. So creative.

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