Monday, May 7, 2018

Monday,Money Saving Madness and progress!

I completed another saving chart over the weekend and I am happy to say I am onto Chart #7 for the year.  I hope to complete that before the end of the month.

I also paid off and cut up the Amazon prime card.  If I need to order something I will use my personal card as it has a much lower interest rate.

I was touched by all the comments about Friday's post.  I know many of you just want to come over here and shake me and I appreciate those feelings.  I know there are blogs that I read or have discontinued reading because I thought  really?  Again? Do you ever learn?  I also sometimes feel a little jealous of people who seem to have no worries and there lives just look perfect and happy all the time.  Like Sluggy you know?

Just know that I am trying.  I realize I should not have taken the boys on Friday, but I do have to say they were angels.  The studio continues to be a nuisance. Until it is paid for I will continue to be available on a limited basis.  I did on Friday hand the owner some costume parts I had not completed, and had another mother complete the Cap't Hook costume.  I was just too tired and too overwhelmed.  Proof that I do say know once in a while.  I do want to teach next year as I miss my kids dreadfully, but it will be with stricter parameters.

     The students that she has teaching the Irish program are both gifted dancers and one is actually on the pro circuit. Unfortunately  one is suffering from Senioritis as I call it.  She is just not pulling her rank.  But she will be gone.  The other is good, but also busy performing and competing and going to school. These two have grown up with me since they could walk and have watched me say, "who has an inspiring piece of music."  We will play it and music talks to me.  I literally see dancing in my head.  I understand the phrasing and what an audience will want to see.  It is a true gift but also one that I have honed for many years.  I did not come out of the womb this way.  I practiced and I listened for over 40 years.  I can take a piece of music and choreograph a dance in an hour.  They want to be able to do that.  They don't realize that at 18 I wasn't able to do this.  I worked at it.  Yes I make it look simple but it is years and years of skill.  So we will need to have a long talk before teaching commences next year. Nuff said.

     Hub's and I will be leaving Wednesday morning to head south to the Boise area.  We need to go and help with his mother and father's 70thWedding Anniversary party.  Also both turn 90.  So it is a huge event.  We will be in Nampa for 6 days.

     After last week , I cancelled watching the babies tomorrow.  I have 11 pairs and pants to hem and one dress to alter today and I will take no more work until I get back.  I took time on Saturday and yesterday to catch up and pay bills  so I am not running with scissors the next two days.  All I will have to do tomorrow besides a 2.5 hour rehearsal is pack and play in the yard.  No sewing.  I just know I need to decompress and I have been spreading myself way too thin.

     I am happy to say I did get  my other really large garden bed cleaned out on Saturday.  Plus my Lil sis and I worked on a really fun project.  It was spur of the moment, but I get so little time to spend with her on fun things.  Our world just revolves around mother and her moods.

     I picked up this piece of yard art at Oui, which is a store that recycles and provides work for the handicapped.  I showed this it my Sister and then we ran all over town thrifting .39 cents glass.  Then we came home and got creative.  Yeah I know I could have been planting my garden but hey a girl needs to have fun.  We created 18 masterpieces or disaster pieces however you look at it.

      Mom was the boss even though she can't see well we had a lot of laughs.  Then Lil sis took Mom for the weekend.  We think we may have found someone to help care for mom two days a week.  We are trying her out this Thurs and Friday.  Say a prayer that this works.

Monday Money Saving Madness:

It was not as good a week as I was so busy I really did not cook much.  I have to admit we went out 2 times once for cheap tacos, $6.69 and once for Pizza $19.97

1. Cooked all but above meals from scratch with food on hand.
2. fed all food scraps to chickens.
3. Made 11 loaves of banana bread with bananas purchased on mark down for .19 a pound.
4. Made dinner for two families with a large package of chicken legs purchased 1/2 price $4.48
5. Turned the collar of an outdoor short sleeve shirt for hubs.  It was wearing through.
6. Made 18 yard ornaments with lil sis.  They will mostly be used as gifts.
7. Cleaned out front flower bed and transplanted many plants to new homes and gave some to neighbors.
8. Hung clothes and bedding to dry when I could with the weather.
9.Picked up $16.46 worth of free food stuffs I won at Albertsons, gravy mix, aspirin, veggies, cheese, air freshener, pasta, yogurt, juice drink
10.Did all my usual money saving things, reused wax wraps, and bowl covers rather than plastic wrap or tinfoil.
11. Paid off a small credit card and destroyed it.
12. Completed another $1000.00 payoff chart.

So I am trying to get my life back to semi normal.  I don't even know if I ever approached semi normal:)

 I love this one as I love green!


I love all of these.
We had so much fun.  Some of these are stunning.
Sis loves Owls.

I think this is my favorite

But I also love this one.

 Which ones to keep?
Have a great and productive day staying positive while in the negative.



  1. Oh what fun - I LOVE the owl one!!! How do you get them to stay on the post? I'm so glad you found something fun to do - every once in awhile you need to step back and just enjoy doing something fun....and you got some Christmas gifts out of the way so a 2fer!!!!

    1. You epoxy a long vase or bottle to the back and then put bottle over a piece of metal tubing or re bar.

  2. It's easy! You keep the one that speaks to you the most. Let Sis pick one and give the rest as gifts.
    I was happy to see you had another card completed. You are going gangbusters with the card system.
    Time is the only thing you will never be able to purchase, so be sure the value you place on yours is payed for either in enjoyment, production or supply side finances!

  3. Those yard ornaments are adorable - love the owl one! You need the word NO as a regular part of your vocabulary ;) 15 years ago I said yes to everything asked of me. Then I realized people just took advantage because they knew I'd say yes. It didn't take long after I started saying no, before I wasn't asked much anymore. Saying No becomes easier once you start doing it. If I'm asked something I can't/won't do I still feel a bit of guilt and like I have to explain why I can't. Like with being asked to watch cousin's boys - now I would have just said "I'm sorry but I have a full day of work at my shop today and my mom to watch now that she lives with us".

    1. I am trying, but I also believe in serving others.I just have to find a happy medium. (or a happy small....)

  4. " I also sometimes feel a little jealous of people who seem to have no worries and there lives just look perfect and happy all the time. Like Sluggy you know?"
    No worries, really?? How about selling a house w/out losing our shirts, praying that youngest gets of J.O.B. and can support himself, oldest gets his loans paid off, daughter FINALLY graduates with some sort of a degree and gets out of my house and takes her crazy dog that thinks every man on the planet is trying to kill her so she barks and won't shut the H*ll up!, and hoping Hubs finds a hobby that makes him LEAVE the House every now and again. Just a few of the worries in my perfect, happy life. 8-)
    But good on you for taking down another $1K chart....yippee!!

    1. Okay so you have worries,and you have me as a friend so really what do we care about?

  5. Ooh, such beautiful combinations! The owl is awesome!

    I want to know who manufactured the light/med blue checkered plate in your 2nd last pic. Would it be possible for you to check the underside? I would love to search for some pieces of that pattern--it's so unusual and really pretty!

  6. You do seem to be learning to say no more often--proud of you. I know how hard it is to take time for yourself, but we need it. I love the yard art you made, really creative, and I bet you felt recharged after a time of spontaneous creativity.

  7. "Fell jealous to see people who don't have worries and live happy". All the people in the world will have some problem. We need to overcome them and enjoy our life.
    Nice thing to plan and do all the work to save money.
    Beautiful decoration made by you. They look awesome!. I love all of them:)

    1. Oh I realize that. My grandmother used to say if your took everyone you know and put all their problems in a big pile, you would pull your own back out. There might be some truth to this.

  8. Those glass creations are very pretty. What a fun thing to do... glad to see you found some time for fun. I hope you are breathing a little easier this week and catching up on some things!

  9. Mother, you have a kabillion things to do but you made 11 loaves of banana bread? What in Hell for? For love of God woman STOP!

    1. I happen to love banana bread and I am not going to bring you any.... go ahead and beg but no.....

    2. You love 1 loaf of banana bread not 11. Who is going to eat all of those?