Monday, May 21, 2018

Monday, Relief and Money saving madness!

     The basement smells like a wet dog.  The flooding smell takes so long to go away.  I am going to put fans out today and see if that helps.  I have had a drier out but not a fan to blow the smell out.  Our youngest daughter did come down on Saturday to help with mom all day and it was a God send.

     The recital was great, we had a few tech problems but the dancers were the best so what does that matter.  It was a very long day both Friday and Saturday.  I am glad that it is over.  I have no more obligations until the 19th of June.  So I have a whole month to get my yard and house and shop in order.  I can hardly wait to get started.  I am going to get my sewing done in the shop first and then attack the shop and house with a vengeance.

     The house has that recital week mess all over it. With the basement tore up because of the water problem it is hard to get around in the entry and shop.  So that is my first plan of attack.

     Little sis and I worked out an arrangement for mom's care.  It involves 2 perhaps3 care givers. It has mom staying with Lil sis Sunday and Monday nights and all day.  Then she comes to my house on Wednesday and back to lil sis's on Thursday during the day and I have someone coming in here on Fridays.  I will have a house keeper and a caregiver on Fridays.  This will help me with mom's mess.   Saturday's we will take turns.  This gives me  Sunday,Monday evenings off and all day Monday and   Tuesday off.  I don't have to get her up, and mornings and bed time are the hardest part. I will have a  couple of evenings off.  She will be cared for full time for three of the days of the work week, but actually 4 days with lil sis having her on Mondays.  We are just dividing the work up.  We will see how this works. Lil sis will have her 3 nights to put to bed and I will have 4 nights.  It will be a big relief.  I just hope it all works.

     Monday Money saving madness 5-13 to 5-20 2018

1. Ate all but one meal at home (Mom paid for take out one night)
2. Prepared 10 quart bags of Rhubarb given to me.
3. Won $5.00 at Albertsons, and picked up $11.16 worth of free groceries.
4. Found 5 packages of beef, 2 roasts, 3 steaks, for 75% off at Albertsons.
5. Picked up 2 geraniums for 1/2 price in the scratch and dent plants.  Or the limp and lost leaves section:)
6. Used the clothesline for mom's wet blankets and sheets.
7. Made 4 pans of enchiladas to save time and money by bulk cooking.
8. Used old mealy apples to make a salad with limp celery and a little piece of onion wasting in the fridge.
9.Lengthened a church dress that was fine when I stood still but a little too short if I moved.  I dropped the hem and added a lace trim.
10.  Pulled beautiful heavy blue lace trim off an old sweater of mom's.  I will attach it to another shirt as a gift for my daughter.
11. Planted the garden with many seedlings I started myself.  Seed packets were .10 last season on closeout. 
12. Saved bread bags for my project.
13. saved plastic containers for leftovers and food give aways.
14.Faced a pair of pants for hubs that had gotten too short by washing.
15.Ate all our leftovers.
16. fed food scraps and peals to the chickens
17.Turned off the sprinkling system during the rain storms and have kept if off until it needs to be used again.
18. Got lots and lots of free exercise taking Roscoe out constantly.

19. Cut a package of eye makeup remover pads in half to make the lot last longer.
20.Actually planned meals and cooked rather than throwing sandwiches at people.

Well I am off to get something done,

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I'm so glad you are getting help with your mom, it makes a big difference. Obie is going to his father's this weekend, and the break will be nice. Good money saving adventures!

    1. That will be nice for you and yes I do need a break.

  2. That's great you are getting some help for your mom. I'm sure it is much needed!

    1. She is already complaining, but I will hold firm.

  3. I like the idea of throwing sandwiches at people. lolz

    1. Well they do have a tendency to fall apart when I do that and te puppy is swift to eat all the good stuff and....

  4. Replies
    1. I know between old mold, and wet dog and dirty gym clothes.

  5. Sounds like an awesome plan with your mom! I hope she goes along with it!! Will you still be babysitting on Wednesdays?

  6. You have a great plan. I hope you got to tear into the house and shop the way you wanted to, and that your energy burst continues! Also, that you can get that stinky basement dried out! Yuck!!!!

    1. I just really dislike that smell, it is awful.


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