Friday, January 10, 2020

Friday, Where did the week go?

     Good grief it cannot be Friday.  This week has zoomed by and the weekend is full it will be Monday before I can blink.  I guess having 100 irons in the fire can make time go by swiftly.

     All the tiles are relayed (right word?)  in the kitchen awaiting grout. We have moved the bed out of the bedroom and have assessed the damage to the sheet rock. This will be taken care of next week.  Anonymous posted that I should not be putting all my houses faults out where people can see them.  In defense this water damage was caused by us and our stupidity, not nature, not the house.  We will fix it and be honest with anyone who buys the place. We are not covering up damage we are fixing it.

     I feel pretty good about the week as I did everything I could to lower our expenses.

1. Did not eat out
2. used food from freezers and pantry
3. worked in shop to offset handy man fees.
4. traded an expensive musical wind chime that was dad's to the Handy man for services
5. traded curtain making to the handyman for services
6. Paid as much to handyman in cash as possible in order to not touch savings
7. cleaned up after handyman and helped where I could to save him time
8. pulled all the molding from bedroom myself to save money
9. received new plastic/glass ware for kitchen

So things that got done this week on the house:

1. front door latch and locks fixed
2. bedroom door latch fixed
3.fixed hole in the siding around kitchen window
4. replaced ugly old light in bathroom
5. assessed damage to downstairs bedroom and came up with a plan to fix.
6. started on fixing tile in kitchen
7. finally got one of the door lintels replaced in kitchen (one more to go)
8. patched nail hole sin bedrooms and sanded awaiting paint

     I did not get to finish the curtains I started but have them ready to sew.  16 straight seams and I am done.  It will just take a few minutes. I also had several more sets of police uniforms come in yesterday, which I have to sew today.  Several new recruits are leaving for the academy.  New uniforms just came in and they want each one to have at least one set for pictures.  I also had an emergency wedding dress come in yesterday, so that took up my time.

     So today it is sewing and cleaning and cooking.  Tomorrow we have to do our missionary rounds to Grangeville, Kamiah and Orofino which will take at least 4 hours if not more.  We have to deliver smoke alarms and a new vacuum. Sunday the choir is singing so we have to get to church early for that. Then it will be a new week. Time is flying.

     I have to make 4 important phone calls today.
1. call friends s about dinner invite
2. call Aunt about plane ticket
3. call mission headquarters about time lines
4. call sister in law about trip

     I ques I will do all of these as soon as this post is up.  What have you done this week to save money?  Any plans for the weekend? Are you making progress on any projects?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Replacing water damaged sheet rock is not a remediation. It is actually concealing any mold that most likely still exists in the wall out of sight. A mold remediation company would tear out a lot of wall. I figured you were fixing it yourself. Did you know any home with water damage is flagged by insurance companies making insurance hard to get? Well, that is what I have been told.

    1. We will tear out any damage and replace don't worry.

  2. The week has gone by lightning fast! I've gotten a few chores done. Not enough. Never enough!

  3. I was back on the job this week. Glad to earn a paycheck. I've stayed out of stores, which always saves me money! Also been ultra frugal with my electric use. Plans for the weekend include working my job and cleaning the house.

    1. God for you it is hard to stay out of stores when you have them.

  4. You are continuing to make good progress Kim. I loved the gifts you received in your last post from your friends. It shows they appeciate all the meals you do for them. Take care my friend - continue to pace yourself. xx

  5. Great progress!
    Do you realize with a blink of the eye, January is 1/3 gone. Time slow down a little bit!

    1. Well I am feeling pretty good about it that is for sure.

  6. I'm still in Missouri, but when I get home, there are some projects to work on before I start classes up again.

  7. Our week flew by too. While you are doing repairs, organizing, and storing things, we are organizing the basement and getting rid of a lot of stuff. I can't wait until it is done. It is taking forever because I am making decisions on most everything. And Hubby helps when he can but his back kills him walking on the cement floor. So it is really mostly up to me.

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