Monday, January 27, 2020

Monday, Monday's weekly what?

     This is the post that I write to review all the ways I tried to save money last week and to list all the things I plan to do to save money in the coming week. However, I did something to my lower back and I don't know what.  I have noticed a real sharp twinge off and on for the past several months.  Usually when getting into or out of the car.  Yesterday it spiked just after I was done giving the doors their first coat on the second side (does that make sense?)  I had just finished and was sitting down at the computer and zing it zapped and never got better.  Church was miserable and when I got home I put the ham in for dinner and took a pain killer and laid on a heating pad the rest of the day.  I did not sleep well last night, not that the pain was too bad
just that it was there.

The hall with no doors, but a new light fixture replacing the frying pan one that had been there for 60 years.
     I might have to go to the chiropractor if I can't get this to abate.  It is really bothersome.  I am in my pj's right now and I plan on getting in and painting the second coat on the second side of all the doors after this post.  Then tomorrow we can hang all the doors.

I do feel like we are making progress  but it is so slow.  It is also so expensive and I am running out of money and as the shop is not busy that makes it all the worse. I just keep telling myself that it will be okay. 

Things I did last week to save money
1. Cooked and ate all meals at home
2. grocery shopped for only things needed
3. Used storage foods as much as possible
4. bought cereal for Hubs .99 a box limit 3 but will go back.
5. painted doors to save hours of fees from painter
6. accepted three large steelhead that hubs filleted and smoked lots of fish in the freezer and snacks for crackers yum
7. Did all the usual things, hung laundry, picked up pennies, and even found $2.00

Here is one finished corner of the living room.  There is also a new light fixture there to replace the one that was broken.  I am such a stooge as I am so excited about these light fixtures.  It does not take much to thrill me.  But I have looked at the old broken things for over 20 years and to have this just gets me over the moon.

I am going to try and save money this week by:

1. finishing the doors
2. get the doors installed
3. cooking at home
4. using what we have for cooking and eating
5. sew as much as possible
6. Helping painter where I can to save his hours.

I really hope by next Monday to be in the downward spiral of this mess.

Today I am going to:

1. give doors the last coat
2. finish the ironing
3. sew as much as possible
4. figure out as many ways to use the large ham I cooked yesterday.

Do any of you have any ham dishes that you like to cook?  I need ideas.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Which side of your back? I have been told I strained a muscle when i have that low pain. Doing what no one knows. But, it is debilitating. If you are like me, you go back to see the new thing often. Then, it lifts my spirits and makes me so happy.

  2. God is saying slow down girl! Please take care. When your back hurts it is miserable.
    I like to make an Augratin types baked potato mixture with ham in it. Of course ham & beans, split pea soup, fried ham.
    Take care.

    1. I don't know if I can be mush slower. Laying on the couch with a heating pad is pretty slow.

  3. ICE not heat as the ice takes the inflammation away. Heat relaxes muscles...can you tell I always have back issues ? LOL... your hall way comes close to looking exactly like my son's house. Go see chiro...putting it off makes it worse.

  4. You may feel like the money is flying right out of your checkbook, but imagine how much more you'd be spending if you hired the work out.

    1. I know and this guy is so slow, or maybe I am so fast or I just don't understand. Probably a combination. I am tired of having my house torn up.

  5. Back pain is miserable. My husband has had 9 back surgeries and he just had a stimulator implanted and now his doctor is messing with his settings and his medication so hes back in pain again. I sincerely hope you get yours figured out soon and it's an easy fix. I understand what you mean about the money just floating away. Everytime I turn around something in my house needs to be done.

    1. I just feel taken advantage of by workmen. Really I just don't like paying for labor.

  6. That hallway looks so clean and fresh! I hope your back starts to feeling better. I'd get it checked out sooner than later. No sense in being in so much pain.

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