Monday, January 20, 2020

Monday, Monday's weekly what?

It is a new week and full of new plans.  How are you going to save money?  How have you tried to save money this past week? We all have 7 whole days ahead of us to make progress and get things done.  Here is a report.

1. I cooked all meals at home.
2. I used up many food stuffs from storage and the freezer
3. I painted a bedroom to save $350.00 (that was the bid)
4. I used my handyman's account at the paint store to save 15%
5. I did clean up and prep on home improvement to keep costs down.
6. purchased all meat this week from 50% off bin.
7. kept grocery costs down by shopping only what was needed.

I finished painting Mom's bedroom and it looks great.  Now I need to get in there and just do some clean up.  Then on the 29th the carpet layers will be here.  But in the mean time as I am bleeding money out for home improvements I am trying to find ways to save.
     This week I hope to save money by:

1. eating all meals at home
2. using foods from storage and the freezers
3. sewing, sewing to bring money in.
4. helping the paint contractor as  much as possible
5. sanding a spraying light fixtures in bedroom to save money

See what a slob I am.  This so needs to be dusted.  I am going to clean and sand and then spray this with brushed nickle paint.  This will save me from buying a whole new fixture.

This one also going to be sprayed. Let's see how they turn out!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I have successfully sprayed light fixtures before. They will look great!

    1. Good to know, I have been watching You tube videos.

  2. Light fixtures and lamps sprayed look great and stand up to time.

  3. Brushed nickel looks so nice! It is amazing how the little stuff all adds up.

    1. I know I spent over $200.00 yesterday for the living room painting and bought no paint!