Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Wednesday, Littles, chaos, progress

     I tried the downstairs bedroom paint last night and it does not match good enough when dried so  I will have to paint that room.  Dang!  This has to be done before Friday as they are coming to lay the new carpet.  This means that this evening and tomorrow I will have to paint this room.  I will do the cut in tonight after I remove the damaged trim. Then tomorrow I will roll out the rest.  The paint was really thick and it dried lighter than the paint that was on the walls.  I will need to thin it out.  Just one more aggravation.

     But we did get two other things done yesterday that have been nagging.  This light fixture was a rotting gold mess.  You can see the line where the original fixture was.  We still have to paint this bath. Then I have to clean out all the old caulk from the shower and redo.  I feel like we are really making progress on the house.  It is just so expensive to get these little things done.

     We also had the outdoor window to the kitchen fixed.  When we had the kitchen  remodeled a few years ago, they replaced and enlarged the kitchen window over the sink and then just left a hole in the outside of the house. Just this gaping hole, what a mess.  Anyway I went out with the handyman and dug through the wood pile and found several shingles from the project and he was able to feather them in and patch.  Now all we have to do is paint.

     Six tiles on the kitchen floor are being replaced and the repairman is working on replacing the front door handle that sticks.  We will have a new dead bolt with keys!  Finally since my purse was stolen we have not been able to open the front door with a key.  It also has been sticking and you have to kick it hard to open it.  This is always a good impression when selling a house. We could put a sign up, KICK HARD TO OPEN.  What do you think?

     Yesterday I took a large bag of spag/marinara sauce I had made and frozen out of the freezer and made a large pot of pasta.  We ate on it last night and I will take this to my friend for her dinner.  I will make a batch of french bread later today. I have to think of something for dessert and may just go ahead and make a cake.

     The littles are here and they are fighting over the same toys, what fun.  It is tag team wrestling here at grandma Kim's.

  So today's plan to move forward is, survive the littles:), bake bread and a dessert, take Addy to dance, drop off dinner, hem two pairs of suit pants, finish some curtain panels, and paint all the edges and corners of downstairs bedroom.

     Tomorrow I will be busy in the shop and I will need to move all the furniture out of the downstairs bedroom and paint.  We will also have to take a load to the storage unit. So much to do.  Yikes.  I would also like to get the downstairs bath done this weekend.  I would just like the basement to be done so I can concentrate on the upstairs.

     Upstairs, it is the kitchen and the master bath that need the most work.  We also have  a great deal of painting to do in the front room and hall and then onto the outside.

     It is always an adventure here, but when you are trying to get things done and move forward without spending a bunch of money you have to expect the adventure.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




  1. Knock twice - kick once - makes for a good security point. They can't get in without you hearing them!
    Sounds like you are keeping busy for sure. It will all be worth it.
    Life is always an adventure for sure.

  2. I think you are doing a damn fine job Kim of taking rather big bites out of that "elephant".

    1. Well I thought I had eaten a leg off and then the leg grew back.

  3. You are making huge strides! And I am jealous!

    1. If you lived in this nightmare you would not be.

  4. Maybe you have found a second career if you retire from sewing.

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  6. Isn't it amazing how many little things we live with and then when it is time to sell, we fix them. Been there, done that. Now we fix things as they need it because we are worth having it done for us. I am wishing you the best with your getting the house all done.