Friday, June 19, 2020

Friday, My to do list keeps growing...

Here is the Native American jingle dress I need to work on.  I had to split the sides and add a panel, as the dancer was having trouble kicking.  I love this kind of work, but it is time consuming.  Roscoe wanted to help.

First I had to draw and cut out  applique pieces.

 Then those have to be traced onto a product called wonder under, which will stick to both sides of fabric when it is ironed.

Then we iron these traced pieces onto the right color fabric.
  Forgot this step, go find fabric in my quilting stash to match, these will work well, I think.

Then tediously cut them out.

Now iron them onto the panels that I have cut and measured to the dress.
  I will then applique these with my sewing machine in a small zig zag, it will take time, I will take pictures after I do this.  Then I will call clients and have her come and we will pin these in and make sure they work before sewing them into dress and adding all the trim.

Make a pattern and cut out carry case for feather fan.  I must find some heavy cardboard to slip into interior pockets , after I get the zipper put into case.  These are expensive and easy to break the feathers, so I need to make a case with some stiff interior.

I was really happy with what I got done yesterday.  Of course I had no real interruptions and did not worry about dinner.  I worked into the night until about 11:00

Today I have a very busy schedule of things that need to be done.

1. pay a bill after looking it up on line, mail said bill
2. call assessor about taxes
3. drop off taxes after going to the bank for counter checks
4. transfer money for the storage bill I wrote a check for yesterday.  We got a bigger unit.
5.client coming at 2:00 for a pair of pants, get those done
6. client coming at 2:30 for baby backpack that I worked on last night, I still have to sew it up, but need to change machine needles to leather.
7. Embroider the appliques on the panels and call client
8. complete the feather fan case
9. cut out sleeves for wedding dress and call client for approval. I did get the ripped out
10. take dinner into missionaries by 4:00

I had another wedding dress come in today, the client had ordered it online and of course they sent what they had and it is way too small.  So now I have to take out zipper and corset the back, also the shoulders are too short so I must figure out a way to release them and still keep the dress up, this will involve recreating some kind of lace to cover where I cut and redesign the upper part of the dress.  Life is always interesting here.  But the poor girl was in hysterics, and she left happy.

Well I had better get to work, the clock is ticking and I have so much to do.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Such interesting and intricate work. Lovely. You are very talented.

    1. Thank you I love design just not making 20 of the same thing. Those days are over.

  2. I’d much rather sew the jingle dress than alter that wedding dress. It sounds like a huge job.

    1. Rhonda I had done so many that it actually will not be bad, I do want to strangle the companies that send the dresses.

  3. I know how much time is involved in all that applique work Kim ... I hope you are charging plenty. Customers have no idea of the hours involved.

    1. I charge by the hour and they know this, and are willing to pay.

  4. I am with Julie and I hope you are billing for the actual time and skill it takes you to do the job. I know my sewing limits and gladly pay for alterations for something that needs skills beyond mine.

    1. People don't seem to argue and I do get what I think I am worth. ( a nickle)

  5. I made an Indian dress for a woman's wedding out in a field and with much dancing. Please do charge what these jobs are worth.

  6. I've had the joy of being a guest at a Pow Wow a couple times with jingle dancers-I love that you were able to be a part of supporting the tradition.

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