Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Tuesday, Working hard

    I sewed on wedding dresses all day yesterday, and one was just picked up and the another will be picked up this afternoon, plus I have two second fittings today to try on and then will finish those up tomorrow.  I also have 4 bridesmaid dresses to get out by next week, but I have to really hit the pile of just hems and things as I have done nothing but wedding stuff for the last few sewing days.

     We looked at a house today that we both loved but it is more money that we would like to spend, and I don't want to take out another mortgage even though it would be small.  These are scary times here in Idaho as people from Seattle, Washington D.C. and California are coming up and writing checks for houses that are way overpriced. We just cannot find a house.  We will find a new listing and go and find out someone wrote a check for it already.

     Idaho is the number one state people are moving to right now. There is a great series on Prime about the Black death.  It is a 24 part lecture and it shows how our society has not changed at all. What is happening in our country today happened in the 1300 and 1400 hundreds.  They had mass move outs by the wealthy to less plague infested areas, they had terrible riots, over social concerns, they had people ignoring any safety precautions to party hardy, and further spread the plague.  We are seeing this in the bars with the younger people.  This went on in those times for over 3 years with the first major outbreak, then tapered off with additional outbreaks for another close to 200 years.  Every few years plague would return and wipe out any new growth.

     Hubs had to work at the high school last night and he was so disgusted.  He said no one came in wearing a mask, although he wore his.  He could not believe how stupid people were.  He kept his distance, but was quite upset by the behavior of many and they had small children with them.

     I need to get to work.  I have curtains to hem and replace, and then hems, and alterations out my ears.  We could move to another town in Idaho, but I do not want to give up my business.  I have worked hard to establish this and it allows us to do so many more things monetarily.

     I am working on having faith.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. This may not be the best thing to post on a frugal site but if you found a house you love (as you said not easy) that you have a chance of getting (again not easy) if the mortgage is small and doable then I would really look at it from all sides. If others are flooding into that area and properties are going like that property values will probably skyrocket.

    1. I know but to go back to being 65,000 in debt is just scary for me.

  2. I think I might agree with JRE. Quality of life matters and if you find a good fit, life will be better than a house that is too big and too much work for you both.

    1. You are right, it just took me so long to pay off this house and to have to go back into bondage is so hard for me.

  3. I know you love your town and have your business built, but as the Devil's advocate you have skills and skills will find a market everywhere. There will be brides, and proms no matter where you settle. Take it from the unskilled (me) people will search you out and even travel if necessary to use your abilities.

    1. This is a possibility, however I love the weather here with my arthritis, everything is just too cold, or windy.

    2. Move to Alabama. You will only be cold for 10 or so days a year!

  4. GO back and buy the house... we stood where you are at now... and it was a hard lesson to learn. You might have to sew 5 more years ... Prices of GOOD houses will go up, and MORE trashed houses will flood the market with foreclosures and abandonment

  5. You're right. Why can't we learn from past mistakes??
    It's taking a while, but I woke up this morning thinking, dang I've got the Covid...
    So yeah, I try to wear my mask everywhere except home.

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