Friday, June 12, 2020

Friday, running with scissors!

     Well I did it again. I had two wedding dresses with similar names and I did the wrong dress.  Client came to pick up her dress and it was not her dress.  She was very nice about it as she had another dress for the after ceremony that needed a few tweaks, so she left it and I finished both up yesterday, and she is on her way here today to pick them up.  Both the dresses are due out for the 20th and one was a Katrina, the other Karena, so you can see how I would confuse the two.  Now both are done so that is great!

     D#1 and boys showed up about 3 yesterday and the basement looks like a land mine went off.  I love it!  We did a little shower shopping for last minute foods and today we are getting our nails done and cooking!  I will get up early tomorrow to make fresh rolls for the chicken salad sandwiches, and we will dip the strawberries.

     I also have to go pay the sewer bill and get the sheets changed in the spare room for D#2 and her Hubs and son.  They will also bring their dog which will add the the crazy here.  Am I loving it?  You bet.  All three of my grandsons and my two baby bumps in one weekend, who could want more?

     Hubs took the two boys out fishing last night and James, caught his first fish.  He was very proud.  I think Grandpa was prouder.

     I put all the chicken parts into the crock pot last night and it is done and ready to bone.  So now I am waiting for a client and then I will go up and start chopping celery and onions, and boiling pastas.  Also need to toast some almonds.  I forgot to get mandarin oranges, for a salad so will have to make a run today when I am off paying some bills.

     I am excited for the girls shower, I will take pictures.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Did you say showers? Is this for both daughters? In our family/friend circle usually only showers are first time mom's. I'd been feeling some weird vibes on my husbands side if my niece had to share a showere with another mom, particualrly if the other mom was not a first ime mom. I say-if it works, cool.

  2. Busy as always!! Enjoy those grands!!

  3. Oh wow, I would have confused those two names too. I have subbed for sisters of different age before named Kallie and Kelsie and I thought they were confusing. Glad you like the basement and hope you have a terrific weekend, Kim.

  4. I see the confusion there. Great save though.

    Weighing in on the showers because I am curious. In my family in general we do a big shower for baby #1 and either a diaper shower or casserole shower for any other kids. Now some of the parents are doing gender reveals and asking for diapers or casseroles. I always wonder what other families do. When I say my family I mean cousins, and their offspring mostly.


  5. It does sound chaotic and sounds like fun. Thankfully, the mixup was not for a wedding this weekend.

  6. Have fun with the family and the showers. BTW you can just buy the rolls and save some time!

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  8. Sounds like a busy & fabulous weekend! Also, ignore the troll. Same comment posted on my blog. the bots are uncreative these days ;-)

    Enjoy your family time!

  9. A common thing around here is a shower for the first one and a "sprinkle" for the second. My granddaughter said it was more like a flood for the first one and a down pour for her second. I told her I would get her diapers when she figured out what the baby could wear.

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