Saturday, June 6, 2020

Saturday, What to do?

     Here it is Saturday and the weather is crap and I want to play in the yard.  One side of the house that is finished, the landscape is all tore up.  I would like to get out there and at least fix that and do a little weeding.

     I guess if I was overly ambitious I could get out there as long as it is not raining.  I do have a client coming in at 2 to fuss about the sleeves of her mother of the bride dress, that I have worked on twice.  She is one of those, (THESE ITCH AND I AM >>>>) a pain in the ass is what you are.  Expects to come on a Saturday and then does not want to set an appointment so I can wait at her beck and call all day and complain about something I cannot fix, her sensitive skin.  Then don't buy a solid sequin dress....  See I can get a little riled.  She finally set an appointment  and I bet she is late like she was last time, so I just plan to leave exactly at two.  I am cranky today.

     I think if I had a donut I would feel better.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. She sounds like a peach! Over the last week, I've deal with a really rude person at our insurance company, and three calls with various wifi providers. Total time spent on fun this week? 4+ hours, and counting. GAG

  2. I always hated people who were even five minutes late for an appointment because five minutes always ended up being an hour. I quit sewing for people because of complainers. Actually, I turned down people who were a pain and sewed for people who were not. Well, that was at the last place I lived for so long. The place before that, people were lovely who needed alterations.

  3. Well if you want a donut don't come here because ours is closed down for good. And don't eat one with me because I'll get trolls jumping all over me for eating carbs(even if I am not the one eating them).
    Where is my troll flamethrower? Did you take it back home to Idaho last Fall?

    1. slugmama, You have a troll flamethrower? Do tell where we can get one. Or how to make one!

  4. Sorry Kim but I did laugh today!! I know exactly what you mean about those kind of customers. I get them too my friend! Right royal pains. I think you should definately have a donut - I am going to have a piece of fudge cake!

  5. you could perhaps accidentally stick her with a pin :) - donuts sounds like a good idea though - hope your day goes OK.

  6. I'm sorry for that customer-instead of enjoying the time in her daughters life, she'll be the one to make every thing about herself. I see it coming! Yeah-Sequins equal itch!

  7. What is it with people who expect you to wait all day long for them? It is so rude and seems to be happening more and more these days. Ugh. That is a pet peeve of mine too, Kim.

  8. I always told my clients I would wait 10 mins for them, if they weren't there then they would have to reschedule. Two reschedules means you find someone else.

    Choc eclair... covered in choc also... I miss our old gas station, they had the best as they ordered them from a local bakery