Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Wednesday, crazy busy, I have a headache

     Yes the shop is OPEN!  I can't seem to come up for air.  Just trying to keep my head above water on this house selling thing and wedding dress nightmare.  I swear if one more person calls me today with any kind of dress I will....I will something.

     Yesterday was a cluster.  Man painting our house cut the phone wires and we lost our internet.  He felt terrible, but we have phone line internet as that is the only one we can get.  So I called a friend of ours that is retired, who worked for the phone company and we got it back on for 80.00 which the painter will pay for.  I called the local company and they wanted $230.00 for the service call and 80.00 and hour.  So I was happy we called our friend.

     We had an offer on the house, but countered back as they wanted us to pay 2% of their closing costs. That would be a no.  If they can afford a 535,000 house (that they are selling) they can pay their own closing costs. We have not heard back, but we have another potential buyer coming for a second walk through tonight.  I know this house will sell, and we have not found anything we want to buy.  It is just scary. 

     Idaho is the fastest growing state and all towns are growing.  There are not very many houses here for sale in our price range.  But I still know it is a good idea to sell. 

     I also woke with an awful headache and I can't seem to shake it.  But I have brides and dresses coming in all day today, so I can't take a break. 

     We are eating salads from the garden 2X a day now.  The chicken breasts pieces I bought wrapped in bacon that were on sale were awful.  I grilled them last night and I could not even finish mine.  I have another package of them, yuck.

     I need to go sew.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Oh just go move in with daughter #2. She's got lots of room! ;-)
    Or we can go halfsies on that huge house in VA and turn it into a B&B. lol

  2. Good luck with the sale.
    Maybe you can marinate the chicken - I can't imagine why it would taste so awful. Hopefully you can figure a way to salvage the rest.
    Take care

    1. Well grilling it is not the answer. Tasteless , dry awful, but I think I will just turn it in chicken salad, a little mayo.

  3. Maybe you can take the bacon off and cook them separately, making the best of each of them by different seasonings and making them part of another dish.

  4. Running a B&B with Sluggy sounds like an option! I could come visit and I am ready for a vacation somewhere besides to the lake place which is always a trip to work on things.
    Im sorry the chicken breasts were not good. I have bought some before that were not good and wound up having to pound them just to get them to be edible. (I may have even thrown some of them out) I am funny where I buy chicken now. (Only from The Pig where they do not sell salt water injected chicken)

    1. I love chicken and I have never had it be as tasteless as this (crap) was. Yes Sluggy and I have to come up with a name....

  5. Oh my gosh, that was a smart move to call your retired friend to fix the phone line. What a savings for you. I'd sure the painter did feel bad, but it's only right that he pay it.

    1. I do realize that most people do not have phones any more, but internet is something different especially in these rural areas.

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