Monday, December 14, 2020

Monday, lots to do and almond cake recipe!


So Lil sis and I rolled up our sleeves again yesterday and started out our time at my house by making Krumkakke.  She had never made this before.  We had mom's recipe and she made it up and figured out how to use the iron, which takes a few tries to get it right.

I putzed around getting other things cleaned up and ready for our next cookie.  Which is everyone's favorite and probably the most difficult.  

These are fried in oil and you use irons that are dipped in a batter.  They can be tricky and you have to practice to get it right.  There is only 2 tablespoons of sugar in these so they are pretty low calorie.  But then you do sprinkle powder sugar on top after they cool.  But everyone asks for these.  Of course the hardest cookie is always the most popular.  Sissie has a group of friends that get together every year and make hundreds of these to take to nursing homes in the DC area.  I think making Rosettes is becoming a lost art as most people just don't want to mess with irons, the hot oil, the frustration when the cookies don't want to come off the irons. But we did it!

Lastly we made Lefsa.  I love Lefsa.  I just remember it as a child.  It is quite easy to make but again requires stuff.  I guess you could do it without, but boy does the stuff make is fast.  As in a covered board with a washable cloth to roll it out on.  Also a special grooved rolling pin which buy the way is a must as far as I am concerned. Also you must have a lefsa turner which is that long thin stick that you see in the picture.  It slides under the lefsa as you pick it up and turn it.  This stick hangs on my wall in my kitchen.

Also a Lefsa griddle is sure nice.  Lefsa is made with potatoes and flour and cream or milk and butter.  It is like a Swedish tortilla.  It was really a form of bread that could be used and made over an open fire.  We take the Lefsa and cut it into wedges, butter it and sprinkle it with sugar and roll it up.  It is so good.  You can buy Lefsa at IKEA and even at the little tiny grocer in Turtle Lake ND (pop 808)  If you live in a Scandinavian community you can buy it at the grocer.  It is expensive. Cheap to make.

So we were able to get this done yesterday and then hubs and I delivered cookies to several people.

I still have a mess in the kitchen to clean up and a busy day of sewing ahead of me.  The holidays are catching me by surprise as usual.  As I realize I only have 5 more days until we leave.  Yikes!


Here is the almond cake recipe so many of you asked for:

Follow directions exactly:  As easy and simple as these ingredients are this cake must be done in a certain order.

Almond Cake

1 1/4 cups sugar

1 egg

2 teaspoons almond extract

2/3 cups of milk

beat all this together until smooth

add 1 1/4 cup flour

1/4 tsp baking powder

mix until smooth 

Last add 1 cube melted butter or margarine mix to form a medium thick batter.

 pour into a loaf pan or Almond cake pan that has been sprayed with flour/oil spray and sprinkled with slivered or sliced almonds.  This is important if you want it to come out of the pan. 

Bake at 350 for 50 minutes to an hour check with a wooden skewer..  Allow to sit in pan for 10 minutes and then invert.  Makes a dense pound type cake.  Usually served with fruit and whip cream.  We just slice ours and eat it.  So good!

I must really sew today, and I hope to get everything done I need to do in the next two days as far as the shop is concerned.  Then I have to get a card off to my brother, a package out tomorrow at the latest.  I have two more cookies and another batch of caramels to make.  I am going to do the caramels tonight and get one of the cookie dough's made up tonight.  I have missionaries due over tomorrow at 10 to help me.   They can decorate, wrap caramels (please let them turn out alright) and help make up the other two cookies.  I must then get to the post office and stand in line.

List for today:

1. hem three pairs of jeans

2. hem a pair of jeans

3. mend a pair of jeans

4. mend another two pairs of jeans

5. mend another pair of jeans

6. shorten two sets of shirt sleeves

7. replace zipper in a pair of pants

8. alter 1 pairs of pants and 4 shirts for  a little client

I just realized I have a lot to do.

I probably should clean the kitchen, let's not talk about the floor.....

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


  1. Hello, my friend.
    What a wonderful day you had yesterday!
    I would love to have learned how to make those!
    They look delicious.
    I made a cranberry Christmas cake today to snack on in between loads of my husband's "Camp Laundry". My least favorite laundry to do! LOL
    Have a cozy evening!

    1. That sounds delicious. I do not like camp laundry either.

  2. Thank you for the recipe! I think i’ll try this after the holidays. I have a Jan. birthday so maybe then.
    You’re still the energizer bunnie!

  3. How much is a cube of butter? Two of your recipes call for it and I'm confused. Thanks!

    1. Butter comes in 4 sections per pound in the US. So one stick or cube is 1/4 pound or 8 tblspoons

  4. Mmm, all the Scandinavian favorites. Lot's of memories.

    1. Yes, these are all good memories but so much work.

  5. I’m in Minnesota so of course lots of lefse around here! (But I personally don’t know how to make it :( and would need all the stuff!). I did buy it all for a daughter in-law years ago, should see if she does make it. The making equipment was on her Christmas list but I know I have big thoughts and sometimes don’t get to them either.

    1. I have a whole cupboard dedicated to Swedish baking, most of it used only at Christmas.

  6. I watched a YouTube video for making lefsa for DIL3 while she is here. I am not going to tell her I even considered making it, because it is off the table. I have a rosette iron so maybe those instead! c
    The almond cake is bookmarked and I will definitely be making that!

    1. Rosettes are a pain but she might know how to do it.

  7. Your treats all look so beautiful!

  8. Oh thank you so much for sharing your family recipes with us!!! I hadn't heard of some of them, and I want to try some of the easier? ones.
    Your plate of cookies will brighten a lot of people's Christmas. Bless you!

  9. Wait...Aunt Kelly has never made krumkake. What? How ia this even possible? Was she practicing her piano while you and Kay burnt your fingers?