Thursday, December 3, 2020

Thursday, Thrifty Thursday, 2 weeks worth!


Our dining room. Don't know if we will even get a meal in here before Christmas, but who knows?

Holly and candy canes!  Actually sat down and played the piano last night for an hour.  Boy am I rusty.  Must practice more.  It is Christmas carol time.

The stockings are hung by the TV with care.  So I changed it up a bit.:)  These are Hubs and my stockings we have had for almost 35 years.  Hubs I bought at 90% off and mine was from a second hand store.  Franka's stocking was made by Hub's mom the Christmas before she was born.  She made stockings for all her grandchildren and Franka was born in February.  We hang it every year to remember that sweet  little girl. Ours forever.

You all that have been reading me for a while know that one of my pet peeves is replacing stockings every year.  The number Halloween buckets, Easter baskets and stockings that are sold every year just amaze me.  What happened to last years bucket or basket?  Really you just let your kids trash them and then just throw them away and buy a new one?  Stupid and wasteful.  Our oldest still has the cloth pumpkin her grandmother made her and her son carried that until his little brother came along.  Each of the girls took their Christmas stocking and I found needlepoint stockings for their spouses at second hand stores. They are using the stocking they were given on their first Christmas.  Easter baskets were kept for well over 30 years.  If you really want cute Holiday decor go to a second hand store. I think we can all do with a little less waste in our world.

Thrifty Thursday 2 weeks worth!

1. Saved spare change in pig bank which I will get to open on the 7th, it will be a small year for my piggy.

2. Saved all $5 bills up to $405.00

3. Cooked all Thanksgiving from scratch.  When you consider a decent pie is over $10.00 here and they are small, cooking from scratch saved us almost $50.00 in pies alone.

4. all meals from pantry and scratch yum

5. just pulled out a frozen container of turkey for the enchiladas I made for tonight's supper.  We will likely get at least 6 meals off of frozen turkey leftovers.

6. found .11 cents going into Walmart a dime and a penny. Pulled out a warm winter coat and found 4 pennies in the pocket.

7.Only bought loss leaders and fresh veggies at store the rest is out of storage.

8. working on a quilt for a Christmas gift from denim scraps I have saved from clients hems.

9.cut fresh ivy and pine bows to decorate house.  Free is great!

10. Thanksgiving morning found a houseful of hungry people, so as daughters cleaned , I whipped up a pan of sausage gravy with 1 pound of link sausages and made a batch of homemade biscuits. Fed 6 adults for about $2.00 as I bought the sausage on sale.

11.decorated with mom's Christmas things, and many things my Lil sis was giving up.  I love not having to purchase things and reusing what is given to me.

12.Fed many leftovers from Thanksgiving to 6 Missionaries so absolutely no waste of food.

13. purchase gas out at the reservation which is now below $2 a gallon and it is still $2.34 in town

14. Had kids give me Christmas gift lists, so I was buying what they need or want and not just buying to have something.

15. Used coupons at Joanns.

What are you doing to save money at your house?  Do you keep your stockings, Easter baskets and Halloween bags from year to year?

 Have a  great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I have had the same stocking for over 70 years. Kids got an Easter basket and stocking and used them and had to give them up to store for the next year. They only missed them for about ten minutes. They carried same pails or bags for Halloween. I don't ever remember buying them one, but I suppose I did.

  2. I have the stocking Mom made for me when I was born. She made a matching one for TheHub the year we were married and made one for all three sons for their first Christmas. The last one she ever made was for Pip. This year since Son3 and DIL3 will be here I am going to use Mom's stocking (it matches ours) and fit a temporary knitted piece with DIL3's name on it over Mom's name.

    1. I think that is so sweet. Little Pip has a stocking made by your mom. That is a true treasure.

  3. We reuse our stockings each year too as we do the Easter buckets. It's wasteful otherwise. Your dining room is beautiful, Kim.

  4. I assume Franka was your child and I am so sorry for your loss. Beautiful stocking. Virtual hugs. Cindy in the South

    1. Yes our second daughter born 4 years after our first. I was in the last semester of a double major computer science and history. Went into labor in the computer lab scared the techs to death. She had hypo-plastic lung. Full term and such a beautiful little girl. The average life expectancy even by today's standards is 2 weeks. Sou our oldest was our only for 8 years.

  5. We won't be having anyone over or going anywhere except to grandson(home from AIT Army AZ) wedding. His bride to be is staying here so she said if we wanted to exchange Christmas at the wedding it would keep the covid down as they are requiring everyone (as his stepmom complains) to wear a mask and hand sanitize coming in and going out. Outdoor nonalcoholic cocktail, bride and groom dance, mother and son, father and daughter dance only. Heaters LOL. Everyone decided this takes care of the wedding, Christmas and probably not seeing him for at least 6 months if not a year.
    We have our stockings, kids all took theirs. I have 3 for the dogs, just move from dog to dog when they go over the rainbow bridge. I have stockings made by my aunt for Mother and Pop and that she made for someone else that died and they gave them back. I use them for "visitor gifts" Won't be anything this year. My in laws made a point of running us down because Hubby told them until Covid calms down and CDC and our governor says it's okay to have get togethers without a mask (they won't wear one in a home) that they were not coming in our home unless they were willing to wear a mask the whole time. They have had several people in their home that has had covid. His sister in law (one the got covid but her hubby got it at work) told to stand our ground (she's retired RN) they were blasting her family also.
    My kids didn't have buckets, we used black or orange pillow cases. Their kids used buckets all year around, they just decorated each plain bucket for the holiday.

    Hope you feel better with your covid. Glad it wasn't bad

    1. So important. We are now worried that we won't be able to go to our daughters house or see Hubs folks but we will do what the doctor ays is safe.

  6. your house looks so lovely! I really enjoy seeing everyones Christmas decorations. I agree about the stockings. My kids have a very small Christmas stocking that my mum bought each of them on their first Christmas. Very simple, but all these years later its a reminder of Grandmas love.

    1. I know and I love that. I love pulling out things that I remember from year to year. The special tree decorations given to me by students.

  7. Yep, reuse those items often. A couple of years ago I made fabric gift bags and they are a big cost saver.

    Your decorations look lovely.

    God bless.