Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Tuesday, Quarantined, moving slowly about Christmas


    So my doctor's appointment yesterday was interesting.  With covid so rampant here he was not surprised I ended up in his office.  He said he and most of the people at the clinic had had covid and none of them even ran a fever.  Just body aches and cold like symptoms.  I can still smell and taste so we are just in  wait mode for the test.  When I went through my symptoms, he said it sure sounded like covid. I go to a GP that specializes in geriatrics.  I am with him because of my RA.  I am one of his youngest patients.  He has had many with covid and only one hospitalization and that was a 51 year old man in great health.  He said it was just a weird virus and they don't know what it is going to do next.  Although he thinks it is weaker than it was last February.  

     We lost 21 people of the 34total deaths in this county in one nursing home in February.  It was tragic. However we are smarter at treating it, and it has weakened a little as it mutates. I still have a headache behind my eyes that does not seem to want to diminish and some sinus, but nothing I am not used to off and on with the meds I take.

     So I am just putzing around slow but sure.  Slept until 10:30 this morning how lazy is that?  But so wonderful. Hubs has finished the staircase he has been working on for the city. It will be taken to a mobile home owned by two 92 year old residents that were burned out of their house.  The insurance company provided a small mobile home instead of a hotel because of covid.  But getting in and out is a problem, so instead of a wheel chair ramp he built wide stairs with rails. His idea of building in the warmth of our large garage is working.  Then the pieces are just taken to the residences. This will be much nicer than trying to work in the elements.  I went out and tested the rails and made him sand more as I could feel that exposed it would be giving people slivers. It does worry me with his shaking that he is using power saws, but I just have to have faith and make sure he takes his meds.

    Hubs is out cleaning the garage, and he wants to put the car back in, but I have to get all the empty Christmas boxes and not so empty boxes organized and taken to garage to put back on  shelves.  There is one large tub to take to goodwill.  I still have not put any decorations on the tree I am just slowly putting things in rooms where they will go and then working around the messes I have created. 

As I was putting decorations in the spare bath I adjusted the lid to the toilet tank.  I then heard running water.  It was weird.  It got louder and louder, so I started to investigate and the toilet tank developed a larger and larger crack down the side.  Water was spraying out.  I hurried and turned off the tank and then flushed the toilet and it continued to drain.  I cleaned it up and we have to get a new toilet. So happy I was in there when it happened.  Can you imagine the mess?  Anyway I wanted to eventually replace the toilets with handicap which are two inches taller.  Believe me if you have arthritis knees  that 2 inches is a killer. 

So I have one bedroom and one bath decorated and Christmas strewn all over the house. I think 95% of my Christmas decor is from my mom.  First of all we never had the money to indulge in buying this kind of stuff.  I would buy things after Christmas at the really good sales like 80 to 90% off.  But mom always gave me things every year and they were beautiful things.  All my Christmas bedding and towels, and sheets,and dishes and bathroom things are from her.  I will use it, but I would not buy it.  Since we had to downsize so much bedding, I use the Christmas quilts when we have other people sleep here on sofas.

I just stripped the bed in the master bedroom and I am getting ready to go in there and decorate.  Then I might just get to the tree.  I know hubs is anxious to get the garage and my mess cleaned up.  Sheldon Cooper at his worst.

Took Swedish meatballs out of the freezer for dinner along with a squash we did not use at Thanksgiving.  So here in lock down I am just moving slowly through things I want to get done.  I do have some things I want to get done in the shop.  The shop is also a disaster, because I am a slob sewer.

Well I am off to do more putzing at the speed of a slow turtle.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Beautiful quilt and nice steps! Hope you get to feeling better soon!

    1. Test came back negative, I just have a cold thank goodness.

  2. So sorry to hear you may have been exposed to covid. Do hope it is a very mild case if the test is positive. Hope you feel better.
    Your bed is beautiful. I love the quilt, and the sheets are so cute. Your hubby did a great job on the steps too.
    Get some rest and decorate when you feel better.

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  4. Hope you have a very mild case. Our eldest son is almost over his. He does say he tires out very easily still. Take it easy.

    God bless.

  5. Hoping you're back to 100 percent soon.

  6. Get better and take it easy. Did you make the quilt?

  7. Your bedding is beautiful! I love using Christmas linens on my bed.
    I hope you feel better very soon!

    1. I just have a cold. But my test came back negative! Yippee!

  8. Hope you are on the mend soon. I love your Christmas quilt, its lovely starting to see everyones decorations.