Thursday, December 31, 2020

Thursday, Out with the old!

      I think this about sums up how all of us feel about 2020, although that sweet little baby standing there may not look much better when we go to toss him out. I will say that I feel good about 2021.  I feel positive.  Things may not change for a while, but we made it through this last year and we can do it again.

     When I think about 2020, I have many positive things to say about it.

1. We had two new grand children that have given us such joy.

2. We actually moved, a huge goal that has so much improved our lives.

3. We learned to stay home, set routines,and endure.

4.I think many people learned to do more things for themselves. 

5.We learned to appreciate things more than we did before.

6. We learned to be grateful for what we have.

     I actually got up at about 10:00 am yesterday so I slept late and I was back in bed after my blog post.  I slept all day until dark and then got up and had some leftover meatloaf. Hubs and I then went to two different grocery stores to get things for our New Years day seafood meal with our girls.  As both were in lock down over Christmas we are having a big meal tomorrow.    After putting groceries away I went back to bed and slept all night.  I feel much better this morning.  I think I was just over tired. Hubs knew better than to bother me when he asked if I wanted to go get a soda and I said no.  This means Kim is either sick or dead.

Now I do have to get busy and clean this house as the kids are de in later today or this evening.  We will have pizza for dinner.  I just decided.  One less thing to stress over. I can make a large salad and clean up will be a breeze.  Great way to kick out the old year.

Cleaning list today:

1.Deep clean guest room 

2. clean and vacuum master bedroom

3. deep clean master bath (it is our only toilet right now)

4. dust and clean front room

5. dust and clean family room

6. clean kitchen

7. mop all floors

8. set dining room table for dinner tomorrow

This should take me most of the day, but I am ready for it.

Thrifty Thursday

1.Saved money traveling home by not stopping to eat

2. bought gas at lowest prices and filled up out at reservation

3. started my $5 bill savings for next year already have $25.00 saved

4. skipped all the after Christmas sales, as I need nothing!

5. really reduced the # of stocking stuffers to just  candy and treats.  Saved a ton of money here.

6. Started saving all my change again in my pig bank.

7. cooked from scratch and ate out of our pantry and freezers.

Well I have a lot to get done, so I had better get moving.  I am so stoked about the New Year.  I don't know why, as very little will change.  But I have a huge amount of debt to pay off with this move and house.  Well huge to me.  I have many savings challenges and debt pay off goals for next year.   I am excited to see what I can do and I hope to take you all along for the ride.  Note: It may get bumpy!

Did any of you discover blessings or things you learned last year because of the lockdown? Anything positive?

Have a wonderful New Years Eve!

I will catch you all tomorrow.



  1. I'd love for you to share, probably yet again, both your chart savings plan and the $5 savings plan. I need some tricks to boost cash savings. I'd say getting two new babies in the family off sets almost all the other crap o the year. I sure hope I get some positive news this year from my kids thinking about settling down with partners (not my 19 year old though-too young!!) and perhaps in a year or two, some grandbabies. I am ready, and I think they are as well, but need the right partner first!

  2. Yes mam, there was a lot of good. We made and we are still here. I think we all made it together. Being a homebody, it wasn't new to me. I think 2021 will be fine. Yep, we made it through 2020 - we got this!
    Happy new year!

  3. The bad part of the year was illness and death. For others it was economic disaster, but none of that directly affected me or my children or Tommy, thankfully. So, putting off needed dental and medical care, to my detriment was really the only consequences.

    I am glad you realize little will change since I am a little worried about people who cannot wait for a new year as though it will change anything, like something magical.

    I have not emptied my change jar/cannister. So, I will just let it build, for what, I have no idea. It is not much, anyway.

    It sounds like you were really exhausted, burning the candle at both ends. Glad you are back and got much-needed rest.

  4. I agree that even with the terrible effects of Covid-19 there were still some wonderful learning experiences.

    Happy New Year.

    God bless.

  5. Hope everything is ok, and I hope you are feeling better.

  6. Happy New Year my friend! I do believe the new grandchildren is what is getting us through. ;)

  7. Blessings of 2020..Daughter 4s lupus doctor caught her ovarian cancer (blood work) so it was found at stage 1.Her GYN said she probably wouldn't have caught until stage 3 or 4 due to not running blood and going by other signs.

    Granddaughter announced she was expecting (due this April) and it's a girl.They are naming her after her deceased sister and my mother.

    Being retired we didn't have to worry about Hubby bringing covid home from the factory or from working as an EMT in plant.

    Being retired we pulled 1 yrs income and put it in CD's so our IRAs and then didn't worry about what the stock markets did.

    Hubby's new business that started right before we heard about the pandemic has met his bills every month and he has "paid back" the money he borrowed from our investments to get started. We were worried he would have to shut down completely when the pandemic hit here.

    We are thankful the gardens did well and that what we didn't grow ourselves the Amish grew .