Monday, June 7, 2021

Monday,Another week in Wedding Hell

 I am so hoping to kick through a pile of dresses this week.  I have help coming in today and I am thinking or hoping that this will give me a leg up.  We will see?

Dinner went well yesterday and the boys ate almost everything I put in front of them.  Boy can they eat.  Like 32 baking powder biscuts. Amazing, I am always amazed.  Having raised only girls I am not used to what boys can eat.

Today this is what Kim hopes to accomplish:

1. take in, hem and put straps on a bridesmaid dress

2. attach a bustle loop to wedding dress

3. finish up the hand work on a wedding dress, straps, bustle

4. redo and put a lace up on a mother of the bride dress

5. hem mother of the bride dress

6. put 4 patches on a leather vest

7. put 7 patches on a leather vest

8. do a lace up back on a bridesmaid dress

9. alter and top in the shoulders, and shorten straps on three bags

10. fix straps on two tops

11. hem a bridesmaid dress

12. hem and straps  and take in another bridesmaid dress

13. alter and hem a wedding dress

14. steam and antique wedding dress.

15. Figure out what else needs to be done before we leave on Thursday

16. Dinner?  leftovers Hurrah!

Do you think I can get this done with help?  Let's see....

Go Kim, go, go, go.

I am back to my old primers.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


p.s. if you are saving a penny day you will need to put  $50.11 away for June. :)


  1. Man, that is one mighty long to do list.

    1. Yes it is and the list does not get any shorter.

  2. Wow what a long to do list. You got this Kim.

    God bless.

    1. I feel like I will never catch up, but I am certainly going to try!

  3. That list makes me tired! Are you having the woman help you that you were teaching the other day. Boys really can eat!

    1. No she is a gal that knows how to sew just taking the edge off.

  4. You got more get up a go than me girl. I wouldn't want to deal with all that for anything.