Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Wednesday, Slow down and take notes

 My of my have I been busy.  Having someone in the shop the last two days was so nice, as it did lift the load of little things I had to do.  It allowed me to concentrate on the big jobs. I am happy to say I only have one more wedding dress due out for the month of June.  I have at least 8 left for July, and I am not allowing August dresses in until I get back.

I slept hard and late this morning which I needed after two long intensive days of sewing.  But it was worth it, as I feel like I can breathe again. I was able to get out last night and replant lettuce and plant some pole beans and a couple of eggplant I found on sale. The yard is finally coming together, just a few more things that need to be done.

Hubs is out building a wheel chair ramp for a couple.  They really needed it but could not get a contractor.  They did not qualify for the free program with the city, but Hubs made arrangements for them to make a donation in place of the cost of materials.  He met with officials yesterday for permission. 

I feel caught up somewhat, but have a pretty bad headache today. Probably from over sleeping.:) There are 4 things I really need to get done today so tomorrow is free to blog, pack and leave. 

1. alter a swimsuit (Ugh)

2. finish a mother of the bride

3. alter the last June wedding dress.

4. get my ironing done it is taking over and I have very little to choose from to wear.

I made major phone calls the last 2 days about picking up dresses that have been here for weeks.  I used the excuse and not really an excuse but a fact that my father in law is failing and we have to leave town and really have no control until he passes on when I will be in town.  So if they wanted to have a dress they had better come and get it.  That seemed to work.  But any new dresses coming in, in the future will have to sign a clause on a three day pickup or a storage charge.

It is a very short list so why am I sitting here saying, I don't want to do it? Maybe I need a fire under my A$$ to move or be motivated?

Anyway, grateful to be some what caught up and to have things picked up!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




  1. Proud of you for getting them called and picked up! I love that you'll have a new clause saying 3 days :) Good for you. Tebble S.

    1. Well I had to do something, I have had at least 8 picked up and a young woman picked up her bridesmaid dress yesterday and said whoa you have so much more in here then you did when I dropped this off. She should have seen the shop on Monday!

  2. Glad to hear you are somewhat caught up and so happy that you have put your foot down about timely pick ups. It's only fair. Have a great evening. Hope the headache goes away quickly.

  3. That is a good idea that you told them you were leaving town & not sure when you would be back Kim - I sometimes use that excuse when I want Orders picked up - that I have to go down to my Mums indefinately. Hope the headache passes.

    1. Well what ever works. It is hard to put time and effort into things and then have them not picked up especially when the shop is so small.

  4. I kind of laughed. I just gave that line myself and so did Hubby.

  5. Good for you on setting limits on the time frame the dresses need picked up.
    Your hubby sure keeps busy, considering he has problems of his own. Good for him.

    1. You know he does. Which is funny as I swear to you that he was the laziest man in the world when I first married ( and I have many people who witnessed this) him and now he almost always has a project. Old age? He just grew up? I don't know?

  6. I have a wild & crazy day ahead, and all of the meetings. When I'm going to be out of town, people fill up my work calendar & I have so many tasks stack up. It makes the prep to get to vacation time very unpleasant. Ah, well. I'll survive, of course. I have a countdown of how many meetings I have until vacation time. Fingers crossed.

    1. Yes and then you in basket will be full when you get home. The same things happens here on a different level.


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