Thursday, June 10, 2021

Thursday, fast turn around, Thrifty Thursday


This is by far the fastest I have ever had a turn around on one of my savings charts.  But with all those sewing things people had not picked up for weeks, and not buying any groceries this week and no car payment look what I was able to do?  Amazing!  I have enough cash to pay our real estate taxes without hitting the savings account. Taxes due on the 20th $1397.63.  I had been saving for these all year and now I don't have to touch that money.  Score!

Daughter brought the babies down yesterday so they could go boating.  We had both Oliver and Kelsa.  Hubs came home later in the afternoon and he was beat so I took Oliver and he took Kelsa and we both napped in separate rooms.  I only got the swimsuit done but I don't care, babies are more fun and more important. Both daughters and Husbands came home freezing. B left in my clothes and I was laughing at her as the pants she had on were way too short, she just looked silly.

I did get the ironing done which was so nice.  I actually have clothes to choose from.  I was really getting down to the nitty gritty. We are leaving here within the hour as we lose and hour going south with a time change and we need to meet with Mom and dad's financial advisor at 7:00. It takes about 5 hours to get to Nampa.

I will meet eldest daughter and her MIL in Boise on Saturday.  We will go to lunch and I will take Hub's mom out with me so she has a chance to get away.  Hubs can stay with his dad and spray fruit trees.  Friday I have to take hub's to get a couple of new sport coats, some dress pants and a couple of suits for church.  Everything he owned was donated months ago.  He has kept the 45 lbs he lost off for over a year now.  He has nothing to wear to church.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. If you are saving a penny a day put $50.11 away for June I out that in my penny can

2. saved all my $5.00 bills now have $1190.00 saved

3. saved all my change in my pig bank

4. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 bill

5. saved money in one of my 100 envelope  challenge

6. found $1.31 at different Mc'ds (I had to work for it, but a dime was in  Wal mart parking lot)

7. Cooked all meals from scratch  and did not eat out at all.

8. Used a coupon at Joanns for items needed

9. Used lace on a wedding dress saved from an old dress and charged client going rate.

10. kept air conditioner off during this cooler weather.

 Well I need to get going Hubs is home from walking the dog.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative. 



  1. Your money gains are great. Congratulations to hubs on weight loss and keeping it off.

    1. Thanks it has been a long row but he is doing it!

  2. Glad you are catching up? Wow, your life is like a movie in fast forward!. Makes me realize how much I have slowed down since we both retired…but I sure enjoy hearing about your adventures. Thank you for taking time to blog when your hair is on fire ;)

    1. Yes I must say I am a little singed at the moment :)

  3. Congratulations to your hubby

  4. congrats to your hubby for keeping the weight off. My Hubby gained half of his loss back and said he wished he had stayed focused better on it. Have a good time on the trip.

    1. Well I have to say I am the one that stays focused. I just only cook and allow foods that he can eat or should eat as he has very little self control.

  5. Great savings!
    Congratulations to your husband!
    Safe travels. I'm sure you all will be a comfort and help to your mother in law.

  6. Way to go, Kim! That's the way to stay focused on your goals. I applaud your DH as well. 45 pounds and keeping it off is so great. I refuse to buy bigger clothes, so even though this spring has been brutal, I need to make sure I get back on track. I remember 33 years ago when we all impromtu started cleaning and getting crap done at the lake on a cold and wet May Sunday, but not thinking about having dry clothes with. We found all these odds and end items form my MIL and FIL's drawers-vintage items, most too big, and just put them on for warmth-then went for pizza. We had to have looked like the oddest crew imaginable.

    1. I bet you guys made the Wal mart list but what a good memory. I also refuse to buy bigger clothes, when things start to get too tight I just lose some, I am too cheap to buy a whole new wardrobe.

  7. Nice job on the frugal wins, and the baby time! Congrats to your husband on his weight loss. That's some serious work & effort to maintain.

    I'm currently baking chicken for tomorrow, so I can take it on the flight vs flying. I'm the only one who doesn't mind cold chicken, so the kids are getting purchased food. But, some savings is better than none!

    1. I love cold chicken, and I love chicken any way it is cooked, well not bbq so much. Who puts sugar on meat? Have a great time my friend.

  8. Very nice frugal happenings at your house. Good for you. Congratulations on your husbands weight loss. Good good for him.

    God bless.


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