Monday, March 20, 2023

Monday, Busy weekend!

 St. Patrick's Day at the Mexican restaurant. My friend and I have spent the last 4 St. Patrick's Day together, but the first three we shared with husbands.  Now we are widows, so let's carry on the tradition with our funny hats.  

My girls are so afraid to let me be alone.  Last Wednesday Signe' spent the night along with Kelsa, who was also not feeling her best. Then Thursday Signe' asked me to come up to her place and spend the night and help her switch out decor in her two bathrooms. She had pink towels in the master bath and Nate did not want pink in his bathroom.  Men!

I also agreed to teach an Irish set dance at Williams school.  That was fun and hysterical.  Kids ranging from first grade up to 5 th grade.  So cute, and fun.  They loved it and I think they did really well.  Then Sig and I did a few errands and completed her projects, and I flew down the hill to join my buddy for dinner.

Signe' came down with the kids that night so she could help me the next day with my plant transfers.  But Will woke with and earache and Kelsa was still punk. I wanted her to take the kids in as 4 days with a fever just did not seem like a cold to me.  Sure, enough Will had an ear infection and Kelsa had a double draining ear infection. Kids went home with antibiotics, and I actually stayed alone on Sunday night!!!!!!

Can you believe it? My first night alone since Joel's passing. It was actually okay.  Probably because I was exhausted taking care of sick kids and the very tired mommy of sick kids. Do any of you remember those nights up with sick babies, and no sleep and then having to carry on like you got a good night's sleep? SO happy I am over those days.  Well not really as I had Kelsa here last night, at least she did not throw up in my bed.

On Saturday, I transplanted all my geraniums and Merigolds.  I will be able to put these out in my small green house in a month. Also started a new tray of other bedding plants and veggies.  The only I thing I have not started are my Herbs. I will buy tomato plants.


Braunwyn was due down here with Oliver this afternoon to spend a couple of days, but I am working on a cold (I wonder why?) and I called and told her not to come.  She does not need this and neither does Oliver.

I have lots to do today.  Want to knock out a couple of wedding dresses and finish a holy communion dress. Just lots of white around here plus I have a huge pile of alterations for a little person due out this week and I have to get my taxes in this week.  Kill me now. My desk is piled with paperwork that needs to be done and I can hardly face paying bills.  One day at a time Kim you can do this.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Yes indeed Kim .. one day at a time! You may not realise it but you are doing really well! Yes I do remember those days with small children & very little sleep. They were hard going. Your seedlings look really good & you have had a good strike with them all. Have a great day Kim - hope you get lots of sewing done. I am off to the sewing room to make a Pokemon toy for my grandsons 6th birthday - they are NOT fun to make. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

  2. Those St Patrick day hats made me smile, great photo! I must say you are a ship in big waves in the sea lately, lots of sick grandkids… and travel… and company and house reconstruction. Holy cow, and now taxes. Along with sewing. The energizer bunny would be another analogy;). Good luck with your tax stuff, I just finished mine. I am having it done by an accountant this year since I didn’t want to screw up estate stuff…turns out I will have to do an estate tax return next year, along with my regular one, but this year is the usual. Happy gardening as well! Hilogene in Az

  3. Yep, having taxes done for a couple three years is really important - so many things can slip through the cracks - and professionals know what to do for widows.
    You are one busy gal. Good for you. Love the picture. You both look happy!
    First night alone - HUGE step!!!!!!!! You got this. You are really doing well - quit doubting yourself. Stay healthy!!!!!!!!

  4. You are doing well! Yes, first the wedding dresses and the sewing (because … money) and then the other. You got this dear!!! My house stays a disaster…. Lol
    Cindy in the South

  5. My youngest was born on St. Patrick's day, so now that day is always spent celebrating his birthday. For years & years, he thought everyone around was celebrating him, and didn't know that it was a holiday other people celebrated. :-)

    I totally remember those sleepless days. Both of my kids have small ear canals, which means they got near constant ear infections, until they were old enough to have tubes put in. We went about 2 years with very interrupted sleep. The doctor thinks it's part of what triggered my lupus. Ah, well, still love them, but very grateful that I don't get woken up by sick babies these days.

  6. ((((((HUGS))))) Kim and praying for you, your daughter and the grans to feel better. There is so much YUCK going around right now. Add to that allergy season is also upon us.

    Your plants are coming along so nicely! I still have not started any of mine. Steven and I were going to get some going last Friday while he was here with me, but this Grammie was tired after all the shopping and a walk down to the park to play.

    Take care of yourself my friend, one day at a time.

  7. Your family and friends are getting you through hard times, as do mine. I am a widow of six years, it is a shock to our system and to our hearts so we benefit from lots of tender love and support.

  8. Best line ever: "at least she did not throw up in my bed." It is those small things that count!!!

  9. You are amaaaaazing! I do not know you but as a fellow widow I can see just how brave and strong you are. You are also blessed with a loving family that wants to help you adjust to this new life. Last, Joel is looking down on you "Shouting, that's my girl"! He did not want to leave but is proud that he married a strong woman that could juggle all the responsibilities and keep going just as the both of you planned.

  10. Your plants look great, and I am envious, but I did not start my seed early enough. I will just wait until we get back from our trip and sow them directly in the ground.
    You are lucky to have daughters who are about you and want to make sure you are Ok, or as OK as you can be right now.
    BTW if you have to you can always file an extension for your taxes.

  11. I feel like your plant pictures are mocking me since I just keep talking about sowing inside.
    It is great your daughters are caring for you so well. You are lucky to have a family that is close.
    My son always wanted to sleep in my bed during the day when he was ill. So, I allowed it. One day, he got up and came to the kitchen with a very sick and worried look on his face and said, "I coughed in your bed." He was so upset that I went to my bed. Yep, he had thrown up all over, even both pillows! Having two that were two years apart made for long years of no sleep. By then, I had had another baby. Happy years, tired years.

  12. Glad you had a lovely St Pat's Day. You are one busy bee Kim. Hope you all get well soon. Hugs