Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Wednesday, What happened to yesterday?

My pussy willow tree!

 I don't remember much about yesterday and I thought I had blogged.  But it was a hectic morning and frustrating day.  I was up earlier than usual which made me happy, and I started running errands. I wanted to get the car in to see when an oil change was needed also tires checked.  Joel always did that.  Set and appointment for Friday.  Tire rotation, brake check and oil change. Then I filled out paperwork for a reduction in the cost of my most expensive med and took it to the doctor's office to see if I qualify for help.  Took new drug info down to pharmacy and picked up prescriptions.  My new drug card worked although meds I paid nothing for are now a 10.00 co pay.  I love how when you retire things get more expensive while you are living on a reduced income.  It makes so much sense, right?  Ran up to phone company and got a new phone, which I was in need of, actually paid for it outright and lowered my bill for the next 2 years.  Then home to fight the last account of Joel's.  Spent 3 hours off and on, on hold and found out they had not sent all the paperwork needed so am now waiting for that.

I did get a couple of dresses started and now have to finish today.  It was a frustrating day.  So much time wasted on dumb ass paperwork. 

I just want to sew and be left alone.  Today is take the neighbor to the food pantry day, so that will take time.  But I am determined to get 4 dresses ready for fittings today so I can concentrate on this pile of alterations I have sitting here.

Signe' stayed with me last night no Kelsa. She had an early surgery. I woke late today as I had bad dreams about owning a sewing shop in a mini mall and getting so behind.  Clients kept coming and constant interruptions.  I could get nothing done, but I still kept getting work in and I took it.  It was just such a real nightmare.  Where in truth I sent a woman away yesterday as the dress was too hard and I did not want to do it.  Then I had the University call with a 20-uniform contract for the ROTC.  It would have been over a $1000 worth of work but had to be completed before I leave for Jethelyn's.  I also turned them away.  Any new brides for June have to wait until I get back to have dresses done.  So, I am trying to keep work at bay and be sensible. Just have dreams that I am not. Felt like I had not slept all night.

But I feel like I did get some important things done for me. I set my timer this morning three times for 15 minutes and got the house really straightened up.  So, I have no excuse not to sew.

On you mark get set go!

I am so sad most of the time, I just have to keep going.

By the way Slug if you go before Dan (God forbid) remember I get him not Kay, as she already has a Dan and I saw him first.  If Dan goes before you, we will just live together and spend most of our time on cruise ships eating carrot cake.

See how I just solved that problem?



  1. Sounds like you got a lot done yesterday. I would just hate sewing for others and be on their timelines. Sewing for me is fun and casual - not work!!!

  2. Hi Kim, regarding your potential plan to travel the world on a cruise ship with Sluggy, I looked up an around the world cruise on the Queen Mary 2. Takes 3-4 months and costs $35,000 but you see the world. Food for thought! I figure I will start with a shorter cheaper cruise since I have only been on one 25 years ago. It would be horrible to spend $35,000, get on the ship and decide at the second stop that I hated it ;). Happy sewing. hilogene in Az.

  3. Love your plan with Slug! :-)

    Yesterday was an absolute blur of a day. I did run on the treadmill in the morning, but had to drive to the city for meetings, & got caught in a horrible storm on my way home. I had to get up early again this am to do it all over, but that's it for the year for those meetings & the commute. I could never do it on a regular basis. It's exhausting.

  4. I really hate dreams that leave me exhausted like I had worked all night. My sewing was always on a deadline, too. If a man is slightly eligible, getting dibs on him Dan will get a swollen head if he hears.

  5. Your plan sounds plausible to me!

  6. I keep having a dream that involves zombies. Zombies making a mess in my kitchen. Zombies watching my TV and messing up my streaming selections. Zombies scaring the cats. I also don't really recognize anyone in these dreams and I wake up with heart palliations. Makes me wonder what is going on in my subconscious.

  7. I really dislike struggle dreams, but have them often.
    I think you are doing remarkably well with all the changes life has thrown at you.
    Also very glad you are restricting what business you will accept. Be kind to yourself.

  8. Good on saying NO. . I hate paper work.

  9. I hope sluggy lives a long time