Thursday, March 16, 2023

Thursday, No regrets!

 She is down.  Fever this morning of 103.4 which is high for an adult, but pretty average for a baby.  Came right down to normal with Tylenol.  You or I would have been comatose with a fever that high.  But she is sleeping a lot.

I was able to get all the quilting things put away and the house cleaned up.  I miss my Aunt. She was a quiet but busy presence. 

Not feeling super good today.  My stomach is bothering me on all levels, and I have a bad headache.  I would like to take some aspirin but afraid it will upset my stomach further.

The kids are sick with a cold, so not the same thing.

Once all the money crap is settled and I am down to just my house once again, I want to really concentrate on paying it down.

I ask myself why I did not make much progress since we bought the place and I know the answer.  We were having too much fun! I used shop monies usually reserved for debt payments, for vacations, and toys, and travel.  Money I could have been paying down the house loan I used to just have fun.  The house will be paid for eventually, but I will never get back those wonderful moments we experienced traveling.  The hours we spent camping, and Joel off with the grandsons on his 4-wheeler.  

I don't regret the truck payment, or paying cash for the kayaks, and the trailer to haul them.  I don't regret the cruises and the trips to and fro.  They are all great memories, and they are what I am left with.  We had a wonderful cruise at Christmas, and we were with wonderful friends.  Now I could have paid down the house loan by about 12 thousand dollars, but I didn't, and I don't regret it one bit.

Even though this is a Fianacial blog in some ways, and my goal is always to be debt free, my goal was also to live life.  Life is short. People pass and you can be sitting debt free with no memories. I have so many great memories and the laughter, I will never forget the laughter.  Those memories are priceless, and the house debt will get paid just not today.

Today is for great memories.



  1. Once you get his pension straightened out you can concentrate on the house. I would drive to the state capital and go talk to them (well, that is where our pension is located) and see what is the holdup. I would start climbing the ladder to the supervisors and get my state rep involved. I had to do that with my relative’s pension. It worked. I am so glad you have the memories.
    Cindy in the South

  2. Thank you for this, Kim. Making lasting memories IS important. And worth it. I've been following along (quietly) for awhile. You're in my prayers every day. Hope you and the little one are feeling better soon. (((Hugs))) Elise in the AZ mountains

  3. Memories and laughter and fun is worth it all. That is the thing that keeps the past alive - and that is wonderful. You guys had a great life. So happy you enjoyed it all.
    You will get things done at some point - just take it a day at a time.
    Feel better!!!!!!

  4. I'm so very glad you had the memories. You will make more money, get the pension sorted, and pay off your house. You can never have the time, the laughs, the photos, the memories or the experience again. Even if it was inadvertent, it was a blessing!

  5. Kim,
    I hope she gets better soon. She looks pitiful. I was always torn about bringing temp down because the temp indicates the body is fighting the infection, whatever it may be. However, I cannot remember ever holding off on the fever reduction. I hated for my children to be sick and feverish.
    The memories with Joel with you and with/for the grandchildren can never be replaced by a house! You definitely did the right thing for all of you. Think how much fun Joel had.

  6. Wise thoughts for a Thursday indeed! And you are right. I wouldn’t pass up one memory to put money on the mortgage. I remember a few months ago, Stu was hesitant to make a $125 purchase for a hobby and me saying that he could spend that every day and we still could eat ;). Kelsa looks so small there, I know she is on the mend, but usually she has a look of mischief in her eyes ;). Hilogene in Az

  7. I love this post. I totally get the importance of financial fitness and being on sound footing, but yes, memories count. You can't put a price on them because they are priceless indeed.

  8. And who else would pretend lick gingerbread houses with y'all? That memory is priceless.....

  9. That wee grandchild is so sweet ... even when she is sick with a fever. I am pleased her temp has come down.
    You are so right Kim ... imagine if you were sitting here now saying (or writing) I wish I had not been so tough & made sure I put the money on the house loan & I wish instead we had gone on some fun adventures together with Joel. Imagine that!!! You have those memories together & that my friend is absolutely priceless!

  10. Here's to making more great memories!

  11. Hope your both feeling better. Yes, making memories is more important!! I'm glad you did that.

  12. I'm so glad you have those great memories! And I'm glad your grandsons will remember the camping trips and 4 wheel drives with Grandpa.
    Hope that you and Kelsa are feeling better.

  13. The memories are what matter. You are in my thoughts.

  14. You are so right! I pinched every penny twice and was able to pay cash for our tiny home. Our vehicles, our RV and everything we have is paid for. Now if I can just convince the man I married that it is okay to spend our retirement money on some fun trips! Habits are hard to break and we both worked hard all our lives through some tough times. when I asked him to go see an audiologist, he said it was too expensive, but I am making the appointment anyway. I have almost lost him twice and would like it if he could carry on a conversation with me not yelling! Hope your stomach issues clear up soon. Enjoy those memories.

  15. Oh wow.. This echos my latest post about upcoming trips. Getting a cancer diagnosis really changes perspective.