Thursday, December 5, 2019

Thursday, Actual panic.....

     I feel very behind.  The recital is this Saturday and although I am not in any way in charge, I have that recital panic feeling and I don't like it.  I used to live my life this was 24/7.  But in the last 5 years I have slowed down so much as far as outside work is, concerned and I have not had this heart racing panic for such a long time.  I think I am not used to having so much on my plate at once anymore.

     For instance, there is a ward Christmas party on Saturday as well as the towns annual Christmas parade.  Also a show (recital) at One and at seven.  Old Kim would have put herself on the list for food warm up to be delivered to the church, also would have pulled all Nativity costumes for the party which I would have delivered as I was running from the parade where I would have had kids dancing, in between shows. Then back to the theater to perform and tear down.  But I said no to costumes this year, and I will not sign up for food.  Also will be skipping the parade, sorry.  All I can handle is the recital shows and even those are becoming over whelming in my mind.  I am not in charge, just there for back up.

     The kids are coming down tonight to finish the painting.  I have so much sewing to do and one project that will have a fitting this afternoon.  It is all I will work on once I get into the shop. I think I am just nervous about this and what I really need to do is SOMETHING.  If it is wrong I can fix it, but to not start and just worry is not solving anything.

     So today I have a list which all I can do is tick off and quit beating myself up.  It will get done.  Don't add anything else to the mix.  No I will not be available to heat up a ham.I did get all 5 of my Sissie's Christmas aprons done a day ahead of schedule so that should be a little less stress.

1. clean up/ so I can face the public ( Why is this so hard)
2. mail Sissies package.
3. Stop by carpet store
4. work on duster and only duster until it is try on ready
5. sew up 4 army hats (costume)
6. fix green costume dress
7. Navy dress uniformRipped
8. make jam late in the evening.  All is prepped and ready Hub's will process

There I should feel better.  I just need to do something.  Sitting and racing my brain just makes me wonky. I think part of it came from the littles being here yesterday and hubs was called into the High School from 9-12 and then from 1-3 and I had the kids by myself and was trying to make meat balls, and sew and make a couple of pies.  Yum, pumpkin pie for breakfast.  I feel better all ready. Hubs is reading the paper at the Veterans home and then I assume he will be at the High School all day off and on. SO I just need to attack that list. I can do it.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. All I want for CHRISTMAS is a RESTFUL HOLIDAY.

  2. Nothing wrong with stepping back and letting someone else do all of that. You can do this, just relax and take it easy. :)

    1. Well I can't exactly relax and take it easy but I can do less.

  3. I am hoping that you are going to get it all done so you won't feel so stressed.

  4. One item at a time. Cross them off. Your stress will ease as you see progress.

  5. I see you are learning to say no to save your sanity!

  6. You definitely need to keep saying now & doing less. It's a hard skill, but your body is telling you to push back.

  7. Good for you for realizing that YOU are important and stepping back from some of those commitments.