Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Tuesday,It might live....

     This is a cartoon of me yesterday.  Honestly my coughing was less and my throat was not as on fire, but my energy was the worst.  I spent most of the day in bed and I just slept. Poor hubs hasn't had a hot meal in I don't know how long, can't think of when he will get one either. We cancelled the littles until later in the week if at all.

     I really tried yesterday to get up and moving.  I did get dressed but that was as far as it got. Then I went back to bed. Today seems a little better. I think.  We will see.

     I started to cut out curtains for the basement last night and I could not even convince myself to get one done.  Just no motivation.  It is the weirdest feeling. Just no energy. I have hardly been eating, nothing sounds good and everything tastes weird.  That is a bonus.

     I do feel better today, not sure how long it will last, I am hoping to get more done or at least attempt to get something done.  There are quite a few things I need attention in the shop.  Maybe if I make a list it will help.  Don't worry about me over doing, this cold will just not allow it.

     I wander around the house, that needs to be vacuumed and swept and just sigh, I have 4 more days before people will come so I have time to get things cleaned up right? Just not going to worry about it now. I have to be able to stay out of bed for 8 hours straight, so far I don't see that happening.

The list:

1. hem 4 pairs of pants
2. alter two sport coats
3. hem three pants
4. mend 4 items
5. fix dress
6. replace zipper
7. fix zipper or replace
8. hem three dresses
9. make three small curtains for basement windows
10. make large curtain
11. Make wall curtain to split laundry form hall
12. make wedding veil
13. alter wedding dress

     I made that list and still feel like I can go in the shop maybe I am recovering?  I certainly hope so, this has been miserable.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




  1. I hope you are feeling better and this hitch in your get-along will soon be over. I miss you making me feel like a sloth when you accomplish in one day what it takes me a week to do!

    1. Well I was no sloth yesterday but now I am going to the doctor. Sicker....or secondary infection time.

  2. There's never a good time to be sick, but a week before Christmas is the WORST. Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Okay this is day 9 now so I am headed to the Doc in the Box

  3. Somebody needs to make YOU a hot meal! Even if you don't feel like eating it.

  4. Hope you feel better soon Kim. I really feel for you. I think you should toss the list out the door & just take care of YOU!!

  5. Gosh, Kim - feel so bad for you. Hope you are taking some NyQuil. I swear by that stuff. Something we always keep in our medicine cabinet. Don't worry about the husband - he can survive on PB&J. Take care of YOU!!!! Rest, rest, & more rest!

  6. Does husband know where the knobs are that make the stove and oven heat up? Microwave?
    Order in! Remember what your mother told you and what you told your children? "Eat Something. You will feel better." Even a can of soup will work. If you don't have a can of soup, send him out to get some and a Diet Coke.