Thursday, December 12, 2019

Thursday, Another Chart!

     Well I completed another chart yesterday and I am well into the next one, but doubt that I will finish it this year. I am onto chart # 25.  Things are slowing down as the shop is slower and I have been spending money on Christmas.                      
     Yesterday was slow motion or slow ocean if you quote the Schmills.  The kids were thrilled with all the Christmas things they could play with and I was achy and down most of the day. By down I mean sitting and not working.  Finally when they left I was able to get up and get a few things done but again in slow ocean.

     The downstairs bath had not been deep cleaned since a renter moved in  in July.  She was only here for about 4 months.  She left in October and the rooms have not been touched.  I did change the sheets on the bed, but the bathroom we started to use when we painted the basement.  The scrubbing was intense and awful.  I realized I was out of most cleaning products as I have not been buying anything unless I had too.

     Hubs and I made a quick trip to the dollar store after he arrived home from the High School.  I was too woozy to drive, from vertigo.  I even fell into the cart at the store.  I hope people did not think I was drunk. I did manage to get the downstairs bath cleaned and done up, and a few loads of laundry done and line dried.  I also made up a large batch of Swedish sour cream cookie dough that my Lil  sis will pick up this afternoon.  Lil sis does not do the baking I do.  But she will roll and cut out and then we will frost on Saturday.

     I am not sure where this cold is going and I think I feel a little better today. I do have some sewing I have to do today and I will keep plugging along at the Christmas decorating, cleaning.  Just have two bathrooms and two bedrooms and the kitchen. 

     After I get cleaned up, I am going out to do errands, like run stuff to good will, stop and get a couple of pillows, as the ones downstairs are going to the dog pound for recycle.  I  have to sew today as more work is coming in all the time, actually more than I anticipated this time of year.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. "Slow ocean" Tommy and I both laughed. I feel like a slow ocean right now. My head congestion has me staggering around in stores, too. I always point out to people in stores that I am not drinking, just have vertigo. Keep sewing. God job on one more chart.

  2. Too woozy to drive the car, but not the cart! Good thing you were in slow ocean.

    1. I know and today I can't talk which is a blessing for Hubs.