Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Tuesday, SO tired....

     I am really tired of my house, it is such a wreck.  I am still not done with the duster project although I sewed on it none stop all day into the night.  Finally at  1 a.m. I went to bed, just frustrated.  This is why I do not do custom work.  Too much time and I will never get my money out of it.  I still have about an hour of sewing and steaming to do on the (*&^% thing.  Other clients are calling and I have to make excuses as to why I have not gotten their things done.  I cannot get to any cleaning or decorating as I have to get this out.

     I know I am in the downward stretch but just so tired.  It is starting to affect Hubs, he keeps saying are you still working on that thing?  You never should have agreed to do it. ( I know. I know!) The house is so torn up and I know that is getting to him also.  Although  he cannot really help me with anything.  However yesterday he did make a trip up to Moscow to deliver a huge 5 piece entertainment unit to our daughter.  Getting that out of the house was a major lift. He took the 2.5 hour break he has in the late afternoon to do this so I was really appreciative.  Even managed to have a good hot dinner for him to scarf down in the15 minutes he had between returning home and having to be back at the theater. (okay so it was a frozen homemade pan of eggplant parm)  but it was very god and enough for tonight or lunch.  It pays to bake ahead and freeze.

     Hubs schedule this week is rehearsal 2 times a day from 9-noon then from 12:20 to 3 then back for shows at 5:30 until about 8.  He will do this until Friday when we have his old work party.  Okay enough complaining... as it is accomplishing nothing.  I need to buck up and just do.  The littles are coming tomorrow and I cannot have the house as torn up as it is as it is dangerous.

So today's to do:
1. finish (*&^% duster)
2. finish under dress to duster
3. alter 6 pair of pants
4. hem two pairs of work overalls
5. clean and organize shop
6. put away all painting supplies
7. get boxes moved back to garage and Lil sis's
8. get family room decorated
9. get downstairs bedroom clean and decorated
10. get downstairs bath clean from all the painting (ugh)
11. do a load of wash and take to Lil sis's (afternoon)
12. clean kitchen
13. Get another load of wash dried at Lil sis's tonight
14. collapse
15. call roto rooter set appointment

Are any of you behind on this holiday season?  Is all your shopping done? Are you baking? Are you losing your mind? Are you staying positive?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


     Everything is just so messy right now, I never thought I would be excited about getting the sewing done so I could clean!  I can hardly wait.  It is like Christmas!


  1. First thing, clean the stuff that is dangerous to kids. I know that getting behind this time of the year is discouraging. I managed to awake with chest sinus, ear congestion and feel like I have been run over. It was 68F at 11 pm on Mnday and does not even feel like fall.

    1. Well I got most of it done, but I think I am working on a cold. Drats!

  2. I really feel for you Kim as I know how the custom orders just do NOT pay. You can never factor in all the hours that they cost you to do. I am behind & am at the stage of wishing I could go to bed, put my head under the pillow & wake up about January the 2nd!!

    1. I know. I really love the creative process but it does not pay well. When I can hem 10 pairs of pants in an hour (machine) and get paid.

  3. Sweet pea if you do all that today - you deserve to collapse. Take care.

    1. Trust me I collapsed, did not get the bathroom cleaned. But hey you can still use it!

  4. I'm behind in my Christmas shopping and cleaning, with no excuse whatsoever. I'm just a procrastinator.

  5. You got a lot done on your list. I hope you finish that item soon. UGH!

    I am not baking for Christmas.