Thursday, December 26, 2019

Thursday, It was a Merry, Merry Christmas!

      Well chaos did reign here, but it was wonderful.  Christmas eve we stuffed ourselves and a few opened presents.  My Lil sis had to leave to catch a flight to Chicago, so we opened her gifts and our youngest had to be back to work at her plant early the 25th so she opened her gifts also.  Each of the 7 boys also opened one gift.  It was quite the exciting time.   After we got the younger three to bed we did stockings and slipped off to sleep ourselves.

A table full of desserts, and my mother's collection of Mary Englebrit Christmas dishes.  We were well fed let me tell you and we are still eating leftovers and will be for at least today, maybe tomorrow.  We will at least finish the sea food today or it goes to the chickens.

This was the boys table for Christmas eve dinner all set and ready to go.  Most would not eat sea food, (dang!) But they sure played and had fun.

We started dinner at 4 p.m. so Lil sis could get out and make her flight, you will notice no snow this year, which is pretty normal.

Tables were set up in the living room for the 25 adults, here is our oldest grandson trying to light the butter warmers.

Here comes Dad to the rescue, Daughter #1 and baby James are getting ready to eat.

All the food was ready to be delivered to the guests.

This Nativity set was purchased at an auction by my mother and given to me on her last Christmas.  So many pieces and we even broke one and refused to put another out.   I really decorated this year.  Lil sis helped me so much and I borrowed many things from her.  The whole house screamed Christmas.  It was fun, but so much work.  Now it will all be taken down and returned.  Between the things mom has given me over the years and all that I inherited I will never be short on Christmas things. I will only keep what I really cherish and that is still so much.

Yesterday Eldest daughter made a prime rib dinner, because well we had not eaten well enough the night before....  There is so much food in this house.

I need to get dressed and clean up and perhaps get the huge bass violin out of the master bath.  A little sewing needs to be done and so much laundry.  I might just spring for a laundry mat to dry about 4 loads of clothes.  ;)

I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas, full of love and family.



  1. What a beautiful Christmas you had; thank you for sharing it.

  2. Everything looks absolutely lovely. So glad you had such a wonderful Christmas. No snow here either - it all melted.
    Looks like lots of yummy food.
    I am glad you made this a big to-do since you will be selling.
    New memories will be made in your new home - lots of them.

  3. You set quite a festive table!