Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Tuesday, I gotta go back....

     Got a call from the boob place that they need a more invasive picture of my left breast.  Probably do to my dense tissue.  So I will run back in this afternoon.  Not happy about it as the bruises are just fading from last week.   But it is what it is and I will survive. (*&^%$

     I feel like I am spinning my wheels here and I need to get serious about finishing something.  Yesterday was all running around and yes I did get things done but still 1/2 done things everywhere.  Which drives me nuts. I spent over $200.00 on painting supplies for the front room and no paint yet.  Just prep stuff.  Egads! I still need to move the furniture to one half the room and will do that shortly.  Hubs is up practicing. He has to play all the cello parts on his viola so has to jump from cleft to cleft and it has him really working. I think they open the first week of February.

     The painter is due in at 10 today to start prepping and taping.  I am so excited, but also over  whelmed.  Too many irons in the fire. I just want things finished and you have to wait for this and that.  Now because of my boob fiasco I have to reschedule the workman for the shower measurement.  So that will be done on Thursday. It is always delay, delay.

The paint on the light fixture turned out great I think hopefully I can get this up today and the other three taken down.

    I liked how this turned out also.
There are three fixture about the sinks that also need to be sprayed.  So I hope to do that today if I can get them taken down.

     I bought two samples of paint for the gold tiles yesterday and both will scrape off.  So that is a no go.  I will get Lil sis over here and see what she thinks. She might be able to come up with a alternative plan.  I do think spray paint will work the best.  Now how to do that on individual tiles? We will have to make a template shield to go over and around each tile and cover all surrounding areas for over spray. Oh what a headache.  Maybe a shellac over the paint? A headache for another day.

     Today I simply have to make a list and knock some things out or I am going to explode with anxiety.  Everything is such a mess in the house and I do not do well in constant chaos (I know that is hard for you to believe). Last night when Hubs was at rehearsal, I really cleaned the shop, the family room, and started to clean up some of the master bathroom.  So today I really want to get the master bathroom cupboards cleaned out and clean up the contractor mess although I know that is ongoing, I don't like walking on scraps, and chunks of stuff.  As we had to take everything out from under both sinks, I have a box to go through.  I want the three large cupboards under the sinks to have very little in them. This way when we put the house on the market the deep cleaning/packing is done already.


1. help painter get front room ready
2. get painted lights hung in master bath
3. get three other lights down in master bath
4. wipe out and sort through three large cupboards in master bath and pack up excess.
5. Sew something anything just get my butt into the shop
6. go to boob doctor
7. find something for dinner

I am a very impatient person.  Shame on me. I need to practice patience.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. When I had boobs squashed, they kept me there until they were happy with the results. I think they called me back six times for one side. I tried to never reschedule a workman because that seems to give them license to reschedule. I never wanted to be the hold up in the work.

  2. Same issues with dense breasts, the last time I had to have an MRI of my breasts. Meh. All was well with the results.

    Good luck at the next squishing!

  3. "Dense breasts" sounds like it could be a punchline to a joke. I get extra pictures too it seems, but my last technician was a giggly cheerleader type. I couldn't decide if she made it worse or better with her "yeah team, good effort" attitude.

    1. I think my tech was shocked by my bruises from the last one.

  4. I have dense tissue both sides. I always have my doctor to request a Ultra sound ALSO. Now the place I go to has 3 d mammograms I didn't have to have the ultra sound